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What is Deep Learning and How it Helps to Healthcare Sector?

Image December 13, 2018 AI in Healthcare cogito tech

Healthcare industry is deeply interested in utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to provide a better a treatment and patient care at the same

Top Five Best Usages of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Medical Imaging

Image November 5, 2018 AI in Healthcare cogito tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have expedited the healthcare industry into various

Why Content Moderation is Important for Your Business?

Image October 6, 2018 Content Moderation Services cogito tech

User-generated content (UGC) is becoming a powerful source for customers influencing their minds while choosing or buying a product or services.

How to Create Training Data for Machine Learning?

Image September 13, 2018 Machine Learning cogito tech

Training data sets are the key ingredients for machine learning to build a well-organized functional model that can work with highest relevancy and give

How to Transcribe an Audio Recording to Text for Free?

Image August 20, 2018 Audio Transcription Service cogito tech

Converting audio into text is necessary when a speech is given without intention of having a record in written format. But if you want to directly transcribe the audio

Top Benefits of Virtual Contact Center Services

Image July 18, 2018 Contact Center Services cogito tech

The business environment is expanding across the globe with new technological developments throughout the business verticals providing various opportunities

How Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is Going to Play a Key Role for Medical Imaging?

Image June 22, 2018 AI in Healthcare cogito tech

Researchers are always in the quest of implementing the advanced technology in improving the quality of human’s life.

How to Build Training Data for Computer Vision?

Image May 21, 2018 Training Data Services cogito tech

The groundbreaking applications of Artificial intelligence are attracting tech multinationals like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook to work on

Top Four Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Image May 11, 2018 AI in Healthcare cogito tech

Artificial intelligence is becoming more useful in various industries allowing users to develop autonomous applications that can help them in performing various

Why You Need to Use Audio Transcription Service in Your Business?

Image April 23, 2018 Audio Transcription Service,Transcription Services cogito tech

Audio transcription is becoming the need for business organizations helping them to save time and gain insight to get the benefits from a precise textual account