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We offer accurately labeled training data to aid your generative AI applications into producing fresh and relevant content every time. We merge human input with generative AI to maintain a balance between technology and human oversight. We add a human touch to curation and preparation of your datasets as we understand that creating a generative AI model that produces new and accurate output each time depends on accurately labeled and annotated training datasets.

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Data Labeling for Generative AI and LLM

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Ethically Sourced Data

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Red Teaming

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Our Solutions

We empower world’s-leading large language models (LLMs) and Gen AI models with an ethical and human-driven approach for RLHF, data generation, model evaluation, and safety.



We ensure that your AI algorithms are equitable and used in a responsible manner. Our data is ethically sourced so that you are free from the dilemma of choosing between competitive edge and responsible data sourcing.

DataSum sets the new standard in data management by ensuring compliance, reliability, and effectiveness.

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Red Teaming

Our Red Teaming Service assists in pointing out possible threats in your large language models. We surpass standard measures and deep dive into real-world situations which can challenge your AI application’s integrity.

We make sure that we take steps for the optimal, efficient, and responsible operation of your AI application.

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Red Teaming


LLMs demand creation of vast data repositories using diverse and domain-specific expertise.

It is an opportunity for data vendors to commit to building a solid team of experts and value the transfer of their knowledge throughout a data labeling project, as well as the people behind the data.

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RLHF makes your LLM bias free and in tune with likes and dislikes.

It is being used by many businesses and organizations for natural language production, question answering, sentiment recognition, computer programming, and language translation.

RLHF enables your AI models to take decisions through integration of human insight and reinforcement learning.

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Snapshot of Our LLM Process

1. Curation

Our data is sourced only from reliable and ethical sources shortlisted by our legal team.

To ensure there is no copyright infringement.

2. Text Summarization

We pick out facts from our data sources and summarize them in our own language.

To ensure the summarized text is 100% original.

3. Diverse Team

The questions or prompts are created by different team members to ensure the content is unique.

To get rid of any possible biases.

4. Quality Check

Regular quality checks ensure the prompts comply with the client’s quality benchmark.

To ensure it complies with quality standards.

Large Multimodal Models (LMMs)

We help you build robust and dependable large multimodal models (LMMs) by incorporating modules that facilitate the encoding of various data types, extending beyond text and including other forms of data like audio, images, and videos, all within the same encoding space. This innovation enables these models to generate output based on a wide range of inputs making them more versatile. It also has the potential to discover applications which were not possible through text-only models.

Text to Image

Get AI generated customised images to save time, money, and prevent any copyright infringement issues.

Text to Motion

This involves automatic interpretation of film and play scripts for producing animated scenes or sequences and create realistic story visualisations.

Image to Text

Convert any image into editable text. Use it for digitizing handwritten notes into e-books making them searchable, editable, and shareable.

Brain to Text

Neural signals transmitted by the brain are captured and then decoded using machine-learning systems.

Text to 3D

Quickly generate 3D images by using generative AI technology and save costs of human labor.

Text to Video

Create videos easily and quickly without the need to rely on studio, filming equipment, or a crew.

Text to Text

Convert any AI content into a human-like content without altering the meaning of the text.

Text to Code

Write your programming codes quickly and enhance time to value for applications.

Video to Text

Obtain video recordings into readable text online to save time and human effort.

Audio to Audio

Convert your audios to enhance speech and get rid of background noise.

Our Key Capabilities

We have subject matter experts (SMEs) within our team from various domains to build domain-specific LLMs. We also have Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) specialists within our team.

LLM Annotators & Reviewers
LLM Annotators & Reviewers

Our LLM data annotators and reviewers have excellent English reading and writing capabilities to answer prompts or questions and also, quality check responses.

Human-in-the-loop (HITL)
Human-in-the-loop (HITL)

We employ human workforce comprising of computer vision, natural language processing, content moderation, and data & document processing specialists at every stage of our workflow.

Certified workforce
Certified Workforce

We have an experienced, certified, and platform agnostic workforce to accomplish tasks efficiently and agilely to yield optimum results.

Data Security
Data Security

We ensure data security as we value our customers at every step of the way.


We empower businesses with innovative AI & ML solutions to deliver highest quality outcomes every time.


We can offer robust services that are compliant with our clients’ service level agreements (SLAs).


We support 35+ languages globally for moderating user-generated content spoken across the globe.

Helped 100+ Companies Achieve AI Excellence

Our data solutions can help augment your AI innovations as we personalize how we work to fit your ML project data requirements.

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