Content Moderation for Children's Websites

With trusted and dependable content moderation for kids, you can provide your child with a safe online space. With content moderation for children's websites, you can build your brand and protect your online community.

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Content Moderation for Children Websites

Content Moderation to Uphold a Child-Friendly Website

Learning should be fun and secure, shouldn’t it be? The moderation services we offer ensure the safety and integrity of your website, preventing inappropriate content, suspicious behavior, and hacking attempts.

Children’s Website Content Moderation Includes:

Chat Monitoring

Chat Monitoring

You can detect whenever online predators attempt to exploit children on your website if your website includes an instant messaging or online chat feature.

Advanced Flagging

All online activity that violates your terms or threatens the safety of your children is flagged automatically and immediately by content moderation for children’s websites.

Advanced Flagging
Auto-Ban Suspicious Users

Auto-Ban Suspicious Users

We ban users violating your rules and policies instantly through our advanced flagging system, which works in conjunction with our advanced flagging system.

Diversified Content Moderation

In addition to profanity filters that remove expletives, we also provide image and video moderation to ensure that only visually engaging content is analyzed on your page.

Diversified Content Moderation

Children’s Website Content Moderation Use Cases

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

As a result of the ability of your customers to create kid-friendly content, your brand’s SEO performance will improve, resulting in increased engagement and exposure to new customers.

Boost Traffic & Conversions

Boost Traffic & Conversions

Having an e-commerce site or website that is accessible to children can be beneficial to your business when you wish to maximize sales, engage your customers, and boost website traffic.

Safe Learning

Safe Learning

Get both kids and their parents the most value out of your site. Your website will get more traffic and engagement if you keep kids safe on it.

Outsource To Us

You take a certain amount of risk when selling your products online. Scammers and competitors will use false and inappropriate content to undermine your success. You can rely on our moderation services for children’s sites to safeguard your site consistently and reliably 24/7.


Quality on a Promise

An experienced team of content moderation specialists provides AI-based children’s website moderation services.


Uncompromised Data Security

Keeping client data confidential and secure is our top priority, and our children’s website moderation process is 100% secure.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

Keeping time and quality intact, Cogito offers children’s website moderation services that are unparalleled in the industry.


Flexible Pricing

we offer flexible pricing based on pay-per-use. Depending on our clients’ requirements, we tailor our pricing to meet their needs.

Get Us On Board

In-house moderators typically make more mistakes than outsourced moderators based on their skills. We take down spam content immediately so we can eliminate spam that is detrimental to your brand by ensuring that your website is accessible to the mass audience with child-friendly content.

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