Our Workflow Methodology

We understand the importance of data enrichment and processing for any company. Hence, we specialize in deploying customized solutions to solve your day-to-day data needs.

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our workflow methodology
A Decade of Experience Generating AI Training Data

A Decade of Experience Generating AI Training Data

Having data that's enriched and processed is important for any business. As a data solutions provider, we are committed to providing our clients with customized data solutions tailored to their machine learning requirements.

Having processed a variety of data types for more than a decade, we have gained a great deal of experience in generating model-agnostic AI training data.

With years of experience in providing data labeling services for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Cogito has a detailed, customized plan of data labeling services. We have established a well-defined standard on data security, labeling, and delivery that leaves no scope for compromise according to client standards and our own well-established standards.

Cogito provides a reliable methodology for any data enrichment requirement across various verticals through human-in-the-loop workforce solutions. More than 1500 data experts work together to ensure data is processed efficiently, achieving significant speed, scale, and cost advantages.

Streamline AI and Machine Learning Training Data Needs with Cogito

The use of artificial intelligence will undoubtedly give companies an edge over their competitors. Companies confirm it in the majority. The brilliant minds at Cogito work together to address your AI data requirements. Become a dominant force in your industry with our services in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Content Moderation, and Document Processing.

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Cogito offers expert consulting services to help businesses adopt artificial intelligence. As AI transforms the way companies operate, it will soon have an impact on people's lives as well. Our company is dedicated to helping your business avoid the risks associated with investing in AI, while moving forward with confidence in your AI project thanks to our leadership and technical expertise.

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Upon receiving a prospectus request, we perform a multi-level analysis of your project requirements, then employ our experts who develop a workflow that suits your project best. To fully understand the scope of your project, we display requirements, deliverables, problem-solving methods, workforce skills, feedback, and timelines.

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A proof-of-concept is the first step in our impeccable AI training data strategy. A four-fold purpose is served by this exercise. The first benefit of this approach is that it helps us bridge any gaps in our understanding of edge cases and complex scenarios. To develop a price proposal that is accurate, we can estimate the time and effort involved. Our quality and working methods can lastly be evaluated, and you can determine if we are your right partner.


After collecting all the information about the project, we formed a customized training module. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, a week or two days of interactive training are conducted, with group workshops and practice tasks to facilitate the learning process. After this, every agent has to qualify for the benchmark to be onboard on the project. Undergoing this exercise, we ensure that only highly trained workers are deployed to confirm long-term success.

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We provide full transparency to our clients with real-time targets and continuous quality checks. We optimize your process simultaneously by concentrating first on precision, then proficiency, followed by increased productivity. A dedicated manager mentors the team and serves as a mediator between the client and the trained staff. A constant update process is followed in accordance with the agile methodology.

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There are a minimum of four stages in each of our feedback cycles. It is during the first stage that input is created. The second stage involves the capture and storage of input. The third stage involves analyzing input, and the fourth stage involves making decisions based on the insights derived from the analysis.

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As a company, we are committed to adhering to the SLAs, maintaining quality, performing a quick analysis of your business, and creating your new success story. If your business grows, we can scale up at any time. We're committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction when it comes to developing AI training data for Ml models.

Let Your Business Grow As Fast As Your Data

We provide a range of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions to our global clients through our managed services. The security guidelines we adhere to are strict, which allows you to process confidential data sets in a secure manner. It is not our practice to crowdsource work or to work with freelancers. Our delivery team is in India and operates 24x7 from our headquarters in New York, USA.

How We Make a Difference

How We Make a Difference

As a data solutions company, we are committed to supporting our customers' daily data requirements so they can innovate and scale. Our skilled on-demand workforce assists companies in developing cutting-edge business applications powered by AI, technology and e-commerce data sets. In addition to providing our clients with significant advantages in terms of speed, accuracy, and cost, we offer flexible working models.

An Effective Security Network

An Effective Security Network

In addition to GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 Type 2 certifications, our delivery centers are compliant with international data security standards. As a service provider, we are committed to processing, labeling, or annotating all types of data within a highly secure and encrypted environment to ensure that clients can develop a feasible solution without the risk of data security breaches or privacy infringements.

Life At Cogito

Our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to gain experience and enhance their skills through our training and education programs so that they can turn into capable digital professionals. As part of our all-inclusive approach, our company motivates and empowers employees as they learn new skills and develop their skills among the underprivileged in the technology sector while providing them with a great future prospect if they choose to pursue it.