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Metadata is information relating to websites or web pages which assist users in obtaining an idea regarding the page and the type of information it contains. We offer precise and fast metadata capture services for all types of online pages including websites and online portals.

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Metadata Capture

Metadata Capture Process

Our metadata capture process involves extracting and validating metadata from a repository or catalog to provide you with the valuable information you need for efficient and effective data management. It involves three key stages:-

Step 1

Data Collection

Collecting and organizing data from various sources.

Step 2

Data Cleaning

Cleaning data to remove errors.

Step 3

Data Transformation

Transforming it into a format suitable for further analysis.

Elements of Our Metadata Capture Services

Acquiring the Digital Asset

We identify digital assets like images, audio files, videos, PDFs, and more. We format the assets coming from any source in a way that is compatible with the metadata capturing system. Following are the formats we use for formatting digital assets: JPEG, PNG, MP3, and WAV.

Capturing & Classifying Metadata

We organize and categorize data for easy location, analysis, and understanding information. Proper tagging and indexing which complies with the guidelines and standards are crucial for achieving this. We use latest metadata capture tools for classifying and capturing metadata in a proper fashion for improved data organization, storage, access, and retrieval.

Organizing & Validating Metadata

Organizing and validating metadata is done by creating an AI metadata schema which is a set of rules for organizing and validating metadata. It also provides instructions as to how the data should be stored & managed. The schema outlines the structure of the data, i.e., how it is formatted & labeled.

Assuring the Security and Quality of Metadata Storage

Prior to storage of metadata, it is essential to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and formatted properly. A database or other repository is also used to store the extracted metadata for future access and usage. Storage security is ensured through top-of-the-line metadata management systems and other specialized software.

Metadata Capture – Use Cases

Information can be accessed, analyzed, and managed more effectively with metadata capturing. Among the many applications for metadata capture are media and entertainment, healthcare, and government. Given below are its potential use cases.

Metadata capture in media & entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Metadata capture in media & entertainment allows studios, broadcasters, and streaming services to manage, distribute, and personalize content.

Healthcare metadata capture


In healthcare, metadata capture helps healthcare providers access patient information, such as age, gender, diagnosis, treatment, and medication, more quickly.

Metadata capture in governance

Data Governance

It is useful to analyze and interpret government data, including census records, tax records, and land-use records, based on location and demographics.

Metadata capture in catalog enrichment

Catalog Enrichment

With metadata capture, digital assets, e.g., digital libraries & archives can be enhanced with descriptive information to make them more comprehendible.

Outsource To Us

You can rely on us to efficiently capture all the metadata you need ensuring that it is properly indexed and organized. We are among the trusted metadata capture outsourcing companies ensuring highest level of accuracy for data classification, extraction, and capturing. It is our goal to meet your expectations and deliver results that satisfy you. Contact us if you are considering metadata capturing.

Quality on a Promise

Quality on a Promise

Our team comprises of experienced professionals who are deeply committed to providing the best metadata capture services.

Uncompromised Data Security

Uncompromised Data Security

Data security and maintaining our client’s confidentiality is our foremost priority. We ensure no data breach occurs while providing metadata capture services.

Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

We have all the required resources and infrastructure to offer unmatched metadata capture services on time.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Our prices can be customized as per the specific services our clients wish to avail. We offer flexible pricing and a pay-as-you-avail pricing model.

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Let us take the task of providing error-free metadata capture services for time management and optimization for business growth.

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