Optimize your LLM’s Accuracy with RLHF

Our RLHF solutions are designed to unlock your AI model’s full potential. As a specialized service, it improves the delivery or the output accuracy of your AI and machine learning models. We help your AI models to take decisions through integration of human insight and reinforcement learning to ensure it aligns with particular goals, ethical standards, and real-world situations.

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Optimize your LLM’s Accuracy with RLHF

Our RLHF Process

Stage 1

Pre-Training Model

We help you in fine-tuning your LLM by offering sufficient prompts and responses. This directs the model into producing output which is in line with your goals.

Stage 2

Supervised Fine-Tuning

We aid you in developing Generative AI applications for LLMs so that they are versatile and adaptive to specific use cases. This involves providing data or examples to the model to learn and adapt, hence we offer prompt engineering solutions for design, testing, deployment, and delivery of prompts.

Stage 3

Reward Model Training

We train a reward model in a way that it recognizes desired outputs produced by the model and scores based on relevance and accuracy of the outcome. This enhances the quality and relevance of the output hence generated.

Our Key Capabilities

Certified workforce

Certified Workforce

We have an experienced, certified, and platform agnostic workforce to accomplish tasks efficiently and agilely to yield optimum results.

Domain expertise

Domain expertise

We have subject matter experts (SMEs) like STEM within our team for developing domain-specific datasets for LLM. We can also hire SMEs from various domains to build domain-specific LLMs.

LLM Annotators

LLM Annotators

We have LLM data annotators with excellent English reading and writing capabilities to answer prompts or questions.

LLM Quality Reviewers

LLM Quality Reviewers

We have LLM quality reviewers for evaluating model responses to prompts, and quality checking annotators’ prompt responses.

LLM Security

Join The Vanguard of LLM Security with Cogito

Empower with DataSum’s Transparency: Ensure ethical and responsible AI operations without compromising your competitive edge with Cogito’s DataSum. Align with a community that champions both compliance and ethical training data operations with Cogito.

Enhanced Compliance through EDLS: Achieving compliance is only the start. With Cogito’s Enterprise Data Labeling Services (EDLS), you not only meet regulatory standards but also significantly diminish potential legal and financial vulnerabilities.

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