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Utilize our OCR transcription services to transcribe documents quickly and accurately in multiple languages. We combine manual and automated methods to convert handwritten notes, printed documents, scanned images, and PDF files into editable text. Businesses that require large volumes of transcription can benefit from our OCR transcription solutions.

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OCR Transcription

OCR Transcription Process

Following are the steps in our OCR transcription process:-

Step 1 high Quality images

A high-quality input image dataset.

Step 2 OCR tool

An OCR tool to identify the text.

Step 3 OCR output

The OCR output is reviewed and manually corrected by experienced professionals.

Step 4 quality assurance

A quality assurance process to ensure that the output is accurate, complete, and consistent.

Processes in OCR Transcription Services

Pre-processing documents

Pre-processing Documents

Pre-processing involves scanning and converting documents into a digital format. It involves document analysis for identifying content like images and text, scanning it via an optical character recognition (OCR) software, and preprocessing it for improving accuracy. The final output can then be formatted correctly, noise-free, and easily readable.

Feature Extraction

Feature Extraction

This involves identifying patterns and structures within a given set of data. It involves extracting information from characters in an image, including font type, font size, character shape, and image orientation. It also involves extraction of background colors, textures, and lighting. The OCR software can then be used to extract features to identify and transcribe the characters.

Character Recognition

Character Recognition

After feature extraction, the OCR transcription tools identify the characters in the document. It involves analyzing images for text in them, converting the text into machine-readable text, and storing the text in a database. This is the most important step in the OCR transcription process as it enables computers to recognize text from documents and convert them into digital text for further processing.



This involves correcting misspellings and incorrect characters that occurred during character recognition. Its purpose is to improve the accuracy of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) transcription. It involves editing the text, fixing errors, and improving the formatting. It also involves usage of dictionaries, spellchecks, and grammar for increasing the accuracy and readability of the text.

OCR Transcription Industry Use Cases

OCR transcription is a powerful and versatile technology that can be used to streamline workflows and automate complex tasks in a variety of industries. It can save businesses and organizations an immense amount of time and money in the long run, making it an invaluable tool. From healthcare to legal to finance, OCR transcription is becoming more and more popular. Given below are some use cases.



BPOs receive a huge volume of handwritten or printed notes from clients, which can be digitally stored for present tasks and future references using OCR transcription.



Educational institutes can regularly use OCR transcription to convert and distribute handwritten papers, exams, or research papers into digital notes.



Insurance companies can verify data like signatures, dates, addresses, and date of birth when customers file claims for damages caused due to reasons like natural disasters, theft, or damage caused by fire.



OCR facilitates retail store owners to detect out-of-stock items, stockroom errors, or products on store shelves by comparing product labels with product catalogs.

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A team of experienced professionals can quickly and accurately convert your handwritten or printed materials into digital documents with our high-quality OCR transcription services. As a result of using advanced OCR technology, we are able to convert your documents into digital files that are easily searchable and editable. As your outsourced OCR transcription services partner, we promise quality while ensuring affordability.


Quality on a Promise

Our team comprises of experienced professionals who are deeply committed to providing efficient OCR transcription services.


Uncompromised Data Security

Data security and maintaining our clients’ confidentiality is our foremost priority. We ensure no breach of data occurs at any point of time during our OCR transcription process.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

Cogito comprises of all required resources and infrastructure to offer unmatched OCR transcription services keeping timeliness and quality intact.


Flexible Pricing

Our prices can be customized as per the specific services our clients wish to avail. We offer flexible pricing and a pay-as-you-avail pricing model.

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