Content Moderation

Human-empowered content moderation services focused on improving user experience and brand reputation through filtering out inappropriate user-generated content, content duplication, and targeting of low-quality video/image submissions.

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content moderation

Identifying and Labeling Text Variations using Automated and Manual Methods

Engage a dedicated team of content moderators to analyze and filter all user-generated content, including written text, photos, videos, usernames, etc. Combining language analysts, subject matter experts, and artificial intelligence to discover, label, and flag variations in text data, such as blurry images, inappropriate content, or content that is violent, offensive, abusive, or not compliant with the platform.

Image Video Content Moderation

Image & Video

AI enables automating the taxing and cumbersome but necessary task of online content moderation. Automating content moderation is a must..

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Social Media Content Moderation

Social Media – UGC

Automating social media content moderation is the need of the hour as manually detecting and filtering out the deluge of content processed..

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community forum moderation

Communities & Forums

AI based online community forum moderation provides online community members a safe and secure environment to engage & interact, where confidentiality..

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dating website moderation

Dating Websites

Automating dating website moderation service ensures fake, fabricated, and illicit profiles are removed. This ensures safety of users so they..

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gaming site moderation

Gaming Sites & Apps

Develop a safe and welcoming environment for individual mental health within the virtual gaming community through site and app moderation..

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campaign ads moderation

Campaigns Ads & Apps

Filtering and parsing content on a large scale, considerably lowering the risk of a client’s advertisements or other content..

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children website moderation

Children Websites

With trusted and dependable content moderation for kids, you can provide your child with a safe online space. With content moderation for children’s websites..

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publication industry moderation

Publishing Industry

Work with our content moderators to shape the original draft into a publication-ready piece. Improve the original draft collaboratively..

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marketplace ecommerce moderation

Marketplaces & E-commerce

our online marketing campaign can achieve its core goals if your e-commerce site or page is well-moderated. Increase engagement, sales, and customer..

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metaverse moderation services

Metaverse Moderation

A systematic approach to metaverse moderation for enforcing guidelines to protect users and regulate community behavior in the digital space while ensuring..

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