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Platform-agnostic workforce with profound knowledge of data and document formats to help you build a robust AI model faster.

Embrace decade-long industry exposure and data annotation & labeling expertise to get high-quality training data for deploying AI models across industries like healthcare & diagnostics, financial & banking, security & surveillance, and much more.

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Data Annotation

Data Annotation and Labeling Simplified

An integral but complex, cumbersome, and labor-intensive part of building AI training data is structuring raw datasets in a machine-readable format through appropriate annotation & labeling. Cogito can provide AI enterprises with well-curated, accurate, and reliable training data solutions to deploy AI in real-life systems.

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AI Data Solutions

The comprehensive suite of our data annotation & labeling, language processing, and content moderation services are tailored to meet your training data needs for your computer vision models and AI applications.

Generative AI

Generative AI

Building a cutting-edge Generative AI model to generate totally new content entirely depends on annotated and labelled training datasets.

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Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Pressing content moderation methodologies into service to help digital platforms eliminate objectionable user-generated text, graphics, and visual content.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Leveraging data interpretation techniques of image & video annotation to help machines understand and derive meaningful insights from visual data.

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Document Processing

Document Processing

Handing out human expertise and an AI-enabled system to extract data from unstructured documents such as KYC documents, claims forms, invoices, etc.

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natural languages processing

Natural Language Processing

Automating complex conversational tasks using advanced data grouping & text labeling techniques for AI systems to better comprehend natural languages.

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Data Processing

Data Processing

Collecting, sorting, classifying, organizing, and validating raw and unstructured documents to make them more serviceable for diverse business uses.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Minimize biases in AI algorithms for intended outcomes with accurate training data. Cogito has been a leader in AI & machine learning space for the annotation, data labeling, processing & procurement of data and documents for over a decade.

We are a leap ahead of the competition when it comes to:

  • Quality of training data
  • Commitment to timely delivery
  • Security of your data on a promise
  • Fast Turnaround Time (TAT)
Workflow Methodology
What Sets Us Apart?
Helped 100+ Companies Achieve AI Excellence

Our data solutions can help augment your AI innovations as we personalize how we work to fit your ML project data requirements.

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Customer Speaks

I picked the Cogito for bulk need of medical image annotation and they did a wonderful job. I got the accurately annotated pictures with timely service with professionalism in their style of working and dealing with their customers.. Continue reading

I got the best transcription results with Cogito. I offered them to transcribe audio and video into other formats, they gave me amazing results. I got the transcribed contents without losing the essence and meaning of entire.. Continue reading

Getting a right Data Scientists was a difficult task for me, but Cogito has provide us what exactly we were looking for, truly these data man of science have great sense of skills to analyse and interpret big data. Now we can have.. Continue reading

Cogito is the right partner I got for my AI-based medical imaging analysis project. They did a wonderful job in providing us accurately annotated data that we are using to train our model. Thanks to Cogito, we are getting.. Continue reading

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