Training Data for AI & ML with Human Empowered Automation

Innovation is our nucleus. Cogito shoulders AI enterprises and business initiatives by deploying a proficient workforce for data annotation, content moderation and any other data processing services. Our data enrichment services provide one-stop solutions for all your data-related needs. Our scalable, immensely experienced, brilliant minds unite their knowledge to meet your requirements swiftly with precise accuracy while maintaining full data security and confidentiality.

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Our Services

Cogito specializes in providing Human-in-the-Loop workforce solutions. Our in-house workforce of 1000+ trained experts has 10+ years of experience enriching a wide variety of data types including text, image, audio & video. We offer significant speed, scale & cost benefits to our clients. Our partnerships span across USA, UK, Europe, and include 100+ companies. Become our partner today!

Why Cogito

We specialize in Human Empowered Automation. Our mission is to help our customers innovate and scale by solving their day-to-day training data needs. By employing our skilled on-demand workforce, we partner with Artificial Intelligence, Technology and eCommerce clients to develop high-quality data sets used for building and enhancing various cutting-edge business applications.

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Our Core Industries

Training Data for Computer Vision in AI and Machine Learning in Retail Industry

With an optimized training data, imagining innovative customer experiences in the retail space has become more plausible. Helping businesses predict on the type of product to pitch customers based on deep learning of their behavioral patterns, data annotation is making AI work hassle-free.

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Deep Learning Medical Imaging Diagnosis with AI and Machine Learning

Changing the way medical diagnosis is done, AI programs are revolutionizing the way patients are treated. Not only by predicting patients' future needs for treatment and medicinal requirements, AI programs backed with specialized data annotations are helping identify health risks at a fast pace.

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Computer Vision Training Data for Autonomous Driving

As the concept of smart cars and driverless cars beckons in the automotive sector, robust AI programs have become a necessity. Today, AI programs are capable of detecting images and differentiating them to make travel safer for people.

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Training Data for Deep Learning AI in Agriculture and Farming

AI technology implications are set to turn the agriculture sector more profitable. Through AI trained robots, drones and machines, farmers will be in a better position to detect poor crop, fructification, and pest attacks without any human intervention and minimizing the involved production risks.

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Use of AI in Robotics and Annotations for AI & Machine Learning in Robotics

Computer vision backed with dependable data annotation has become the key to automation in the real world. A number of AI programs are enabling robotic process automation with intelligence to carry out operational tasks more efficiently.

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Smart Cities Development Training Data Sets for Machine Learning and AI

Turning simple surveillance machines into smart security risk analyzers and detectors, AI programs with effective specialized data are helping curb untoward events, safeguarding millions of lives with no or less human intervention.

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Training Data Sets for Security Industry using AI Camera for Object Detection

Aiding the governments take countable measures for clean environment, traffic management and provide better infrastructure, AI functionalities through image detection, traffic monitoring, and satellite monitoring are improving the way of living.

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AI in Manufacturing

From sorting inventory through computer vision to 3D cuboid annotation for robotics process automation in product packaging, learned AI programs are performing tasks to reduce human efforts at each point. Early detection, sorting and issue finding are executed within fraction of seconds with AI.

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The Cogito Difference

Delivering cost-effective, highly accurate, completely scalable, and secure data enrichment solutions for Businesses and AI Enterprises.

Skilled Workforce

We recruit, train, certify and manage a highly skilled on-demand data labeling workforce. Cogito is the perfect on-demand data labeling workforce partner you need. Our people form the core of our company and are our greatest assets.

Best-In-Class Accuracy

Cogito’s skilled workforce delivers highly accurate data and maintains data integrity at every level. We deploy customized quality assurance workflows and have delivered projects with 99.5% accuracy.

Highly Scalable

Cogito scales teams quickly for on-demand data labeling projects across verticals. We can increase or downsize workforces as per the business needs by leveraging our expertise and delivering each and every project with full commitment.

Data Security

When you trust us with your data, we ensure complete security and confidentiality of the data provided. We are SOC2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPPA compliant and work under strict data privacy and security rules and regulations.

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