Intelligent Document Processing

We offer fast and accurate document processing services for streamlining workflows, improving efficiency, and securing data sharing. Our document processing services involve document creation, management, storage, and distribution in secure digitized formats. We scan, index, capture, format, retrieve, convert, and securely store documents.

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intelligent document processing

Intelligent Document Processing Process

We use optical character recognition (OCR) technology and manual transcription methods to extract meaningful data from documents quickly and accurately. We also use Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to extract and analyze the content of documents to help us quickly identify keywords, phrases, trends, and topics within the document.

Steps in Intelligent Document Process

Scanning, Converting, and Indexing Documents

Scanning, Converting, and Indexing Documents

Storage and access of files are made easy by scanning the documents into a digital format via an imaging application. Then they are converted to various file formats like PDF, Word, Excel, and more. Based on the content structure, the documents are indexed and organized as digital files to enable quicker search and access.

Extracting Data from Documents

Extracting Data from Documents

Advanced data extraction technology is used for extracting structured data from documents and converting them into digital formats. As a form of data mining, it makes use of techniques like document segmentation, feature extraction, natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning for identifying patterns and extracting information from large collections of documents instantly.

Applying Encryption in the Documents

Applying Encryption in the Documents

Documents can be encrypted digitally or physically along with content and metadata. Embedding encryption in a digital document requires conversion of a file into a format which can be encrypted, like PDF or image. The document is then encrypted using an encryption algorithm and a key which is shared with the intended recipients so that they are able to decrypt the file as and when required.

Document Processing – Industry Use Cases

Document processing involves storing, processing, and managing documents of all kinds, including paper and digital documents which include invoices, reports, forms, etc. Please refer to the use cases given below.



Businesses need to read and extract key data such as name, date of birth, delivery address, and pin code to ensure delivery takes place in the first instance and without delivery errors like recipient mismatch.

Government Tasks

Government Tasks

Data processing helps complete tasks faster and with authenticity for government elections, population census, or any other government projects involving a huge amount of data.



Calculating expenses and analyzing invoices is a time-consuming task that can be automated for faster and foolproof output.

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Data security and maintaining our clients’ confidentiality is our foremost priority. We ensure no data breach occurs at any point of time during data processing and extraction.


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Cogito comprises of all required resources and infrastructure to offer unmatched data processing and extraction services keeping timeliness and quality intact.


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Our prices can be customized as per the specific services our clients wish to avail. We offer flexible pricing and a pay-as-you-avail pricing model.

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