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Audio Transcription

We are among the leading audio transcription service providers. We use software and human transcriptionists to convert audio files like interview recordings, podcasts, live talks, or conferences into written text with 99% accuracy.

We have been around for over a decade fulfiling the market’s transcription needs. You can hire us any time to fulfil your audio transcription requirements.

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Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription Services

Audio transcription enables you to create an entirely new experience for your audience through text converted from speech. Our transcription experts are skilled enough to appropriately re-purpose your audio content making it globally accessible for multiple business purposes. The essence of audio transcription lies in the written representation of any verbal communication.

Four Key Steps in Audio Transcription

Our audio transcription process involves the following four key steps.

Step 1

Convert audio recordings to text by using specialized audio transcription tools (hardware and software).

Step 2

Ensure accuracy in our transcribed files by adding necessary filters to our audio files so that they are clear of background noise, etc.

Step 3

Transcribed transcripts are reviewed by our experienced transcribers to ensure they comply with quality benchmarks.

Step 4

Files are delivered to the client as per TAT.

Types of Audio Transcription Services

Audio-to-Text & Text-to-Audio Transcription

Audio-to-Text & Text-to-Audio Transcription

We ensure your audio and video recordings are converted to text in an accurate manner. We have transcriptionists who excel in transcribing recordings in various accents and dialects.

We use algorithms for processing natural language and speech synthesis to instantly convert written text into spoken words without the need for human intervention.

Audio-to-Text & Text-to-Audio Translation

After converting your audio files to text, we use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to translate them into your preferred language.

We can quickly and accurately process large amounts of audio and text data by providing best audio translation solutions in multiple languages for our clients.

Audio-to-Text & Text-to-Audio Translation
Audio Transcripts Formatting

Audio Transcripts Formatting

Transcript formatting refers to transforming a raw transcript into a structured format that can be analyzed further in natural language processing (NLP). As part of the formatting process, we identify and separate speakers, add time codes, and format text in a readable manner.

Appropriate formatting can provide valuable insight, whether they are podcast transcriptions, interviews, seminars, or other conversations.

Audio Transcripts Customization

We can customize the transcripts’ style to use language-specific features such as word choice and grammar in order to better reflect the source material. There are a variety of ways to customize transcript styles in NLP depending on the project or application.

Additionally, you can edit the transcript to highlight key terms and phrases or to remove unnecessary details by formatting it in a conversational style or as a series of statements.

Audio Transcripts Customization

Use Cases of Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription has use cases in various industries. It is used to create transcripts of speeches, meetings, interviews, and other audio recordings that need to be transcribed into a written format.

Legal Services

Legal Services

Transcripts of audio and video content are created quickly and securely, saving time and money for law firms, investigators, police forces, and research firms.



Whether you need Medical transcriptions for your records or HIPAA-compliant transcriptions, we have experienced, dedicated teams of workers.



Transcriptionists are often employed by journalists and media companies to transcribe interviews, podcasts, and documentaries.



Companies involved in marketing and branding use audio transcriptions of client interactions to understand and plan their promotional activities.



Transcription services are needed for dissertations, lectures, seminars, and webinars at educational institutions and learning centers.

AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

We transcribe your audio into a structured format to help you train computer vision and speech NLP models based on your machine learning requirements.

Outsource To Us

We guarantee prompt, and quality solutions irrespective of the size or scope of the project. We combine the best of human workforce with the most advanced automated transcription applications to deliver the best results at every level of transcription.


Quality on a Promise

We are committed to delivering high-quality audio transcriptions, hence our training data is tailored for the applications of our clients.


Uncompromised Data Security

Data security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. At all points in the annotation process, our team ensures that no data breaches occur.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

We have the necessary resources and infrastructure to provide audio transcription services on any scale while promising quality and timeliness.


Flexible Pricing

Our services are tailored to suit your budget and training data requirements with our pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Get Us On Board

Our professional team of transcriptionists and translators can serve AI/ML, education, legal, medical, legal, consulting, market research, and many other industries to meet their transcription requirements. Bringing together over 1500 data experts, we possess a wealth of industry exposure to help you develop successful NLP models.

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