Collaborate With Cogito

Our platform-inclusive partnership approach allows us to become better each day. We promise the best-in-class delivery services to meet your data requirements and provide an edge! Cogito specializes to adapt to any platform and meet your requisites with stellar outcomes. This enables us to be flexible & provide customized solutions fitting your business needs.

Cogito Partners

AWS SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker helps data scientists developers to prepare, build, train, and deploy high-quality ML models quickly by bringing together a broad set of capabilities purpose-built for ML, providing the most comprehensive service. Accelerate innovation with purpose-built tools for every step of ML development, including labeling, data preparation, feature engineering, statistical bias detection, auto-ML, training, tuning, hosting, explainability, & much more.


Labelbox, provides a data management & annotation platform that connects to it via Workforce. The combination means a fully managed & dedicated workforce with an integrated training data solution. Associate with customers to assess if this combination is right for them & help onboard, customize the tool, connect to its team for expert labeling. Connect datasets, collaborate across workforces, & create the ideal setup for your organization.

Amazon Web Services A2I

It is a machine learning service that makes it easy to build the workflows required for human review. Under the deployment & management part, AWS A2I is the service/tool that adds the human review for model predictions. Many ML applications require humans to review low confidence predictions to ensure the results are correct & AWS A2I makes it easy to build the workflows required for human review for ML predictions.


This platform streamlines the process of preparing visual data for ML. Dataloop, as it is a one-stop-shop for building and deploying powerful computer vision pipelines – data labeling, automating data ops, customizing production pipelines, and weaving the human-in-the-loop for data validation. This eliminates data challenges & allowing them to focus on their core business. Weaving human & machine intelligence to accelerate vision AI, from development to production.


SuperAnnotate, is AI-powered image and video annotation software that covers a multitude of use cases across many industries. It provides the fastest end-to-end platform for CV engineers and labeling teams to annotate, manage & automate projects. It gives a complete set of solutions for various annotation services with integrated tooling, on-demand narrow expertise, a custom neural network, automation, and training models powered by AI.


We partner with V7 Darwin, which is a scalable, AI-Powered Image Annotation Platform. The world’s best deep learning teams use Darwin’s active learning to create pixel-perfect ground truth 10x faster. V7 automates labeling, enables unparalleled control of your annotation workflow, helps you spot quality issues in your data, and integrates seamlessly into your pipeline. Above all, its user experience matches our maniacal attention with excellent technical support.


LightTag’s mission is to increase the velocity & yield of NLP projects by building products that isolate & remove constraints in the NLP workflow, for example, annotation & quality assurance for labeled data. Their text annotation tool for teams enables more data to be labeled efficiently and accurately. LightTag’s AI quickly learns high-precision predictions, automating away simple labels & freeing your team to create more & higher quality labels.


ClaySciences annotate directly on videos, even while they are playing. No need to extract & manage thousands of frames. Tracking with consistent IDs & annotating temporal features is much easier on videos. Better annotation quality, with cost & error reduction. Better trained models with automated tracking. Making data scientists annotate training data quickly, efficiently, and at scale. Web-based annotation tools for videos, images, and text.

Computer Vision Annotation Tool

CVAT or Computer Vision Annotation Tool is an open-source tool for data labeling requirements in computer vision tasks. CVAT is a do-it-yourself annotation tool for labeling projects in machine learning as it is easy to use with an interactive user interface. This open source tool is built to serve the needs of Artificial Intelligence applications requiring diverse learning data. With CVAT, you can perform video annotation, semantic segmentation, polygon annotations and more.