Feature Classification

Classifying objects & features in imagery consisting of textual characters using object-based natural language processing, where objects are semantically segmented into pixels with similar spectral, spatial, and/or texture properties.

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feature classification

Our Feature Classification Service Involves

Cogito offers high-quality feature classification services using different techniques. In addition to feature tagging and NLP annotation, we can deliver other feature classification services efficiently and correctly.

Export Training Samples

Export Training Samples

A class is distinguished by the labels associated with training samples, which correspond to the extent of the features defined in that class.

Expressive-subjective Tagging

Data experts then add appropriate tags to the texts and voice notes that indicate whether an element of the text contains an indirect judgment.

Expressive-subjective Tagging
Direct-subjective Tagging

Direct-subjective Tagging

Put experts to service to add direct-subjective tags to the text and audio data that indicate sentiments expressed directly towards particular entities.

Objective-speech-event Tagging

The experts are also tasked with adding the objective-speech-event tag that indicates that the speaker is neutral regarding a business, product, or service.

Objective-speech-event Tagging

Industries We Serve

There are numerous applications where feature classification plays a pivotal role and can serve as a solution for business-related problems. We at Cogito offer high-quality services using different feature classification techniques.

Customer Service

Customer Behavior Prediction

Feature classification models can be used to determine whether a customer is likely to purchase additional items based on their shopping habits and browsing habits online.

Classification of Documents

Classification of Documents

The classification of documents into different categories can be accomplished using a multinomial feature classification model.

Image Classification

Image Classification

It is possible to use a multinomial feature classification model in order to sort photos into different categories.

Product Categorization

Product Categorization

Multinomial classification can be used to categorize products regardless of what their respective merchants have assigned to them.

Malware Classification

Malware Classification

When it comes to combating and preventing malware, the feature classification system can be extremely helpful for security experts.

Outsource To Us

Data is classified The data extracted can then be used to develop training data for developing AI-enabled sentiment analysis tools for various industries.


Quality on a Promise

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality Text Annotations. Our training data is therefore tailored for the applications of our clients.


Uncompromised Data Security

Data security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. At all points in the annotation process, our team ensures that no data breaches occur.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

We at Cogito claim to have the necessary resources and infrastructure to provide Text Annotation services on any scale while promising quality and timeliness.


Flexible Pricing

Besides offering flexible pricing, we can tailor our services to suit your budget and training data requirements with our pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Get Us On Board

With a team of professionals who are highly skilled in feature tagging, natural language processing annotation, and feature classification, Cogito can maintain high levels of quality while offering feature tagging and annotation services. We can help you develop successful NLP models using Chatbot Training by bringing together over 1500 data experts at Cogito.

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