Audio Annotation for Speech Recognition & Classification

Audio annotation is the process of attaching labels or descriptions to audio recordings to help categorize and organize the data. Cogito is known to offer intuitive audio annotation services to help organizations annotate their audio files efficiently and accurately. It is possible to quickly and accurately produce valuable audio data for analysis by outsourcing audio annotation to us.

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Our Approach to Audio Annotation Processing

At Cogito, We use state-of-the-art audio annotation tools along with manual methods to classify and detect sounds with high accuracy. A human annotation expert is also employed to review and validate the results of the annotated audio to ensure that the annotations are accurate and consistent. Following the annotations, machine learning models are trained to recognize speech & sounds and detect acoustic events.

Our Audio Annotation Services Involve:

Sound Labeling

Sound Labeling

Identifying and classifying sounds, such as speech, background noise, and music, uses AI audio labeling tools and manual methods at Cogito. We specialize in sound annotation, i.e., tagging sounds with accurate labels, making it easy for users to search through audio recordings and locate sounds easily.

Utilizing our sound labeling expertise, producers and editors can quickly find the sounds they require, thus saving them both time and money.

Event Tracking

Our event-tracking process involves using both specially designed software and human expertise to analyze and annotate audio recordings. The audio recordings we segment into events are able to be identified quickly and accurately by users. Analyzing audio recordings with annotations allows for tracking specific events.

Investigating suspicious or criminal activities, or monitoring communications networks often involves this process.

Event Tracking
Speech to Text Transcription

Speech to Text Transcription

Audio annotation can provide additional context and information for speech-to-text transcription by describing the audio. A variety of factors, including the speaker’s gender, age, and accent, as well as background noise levels, are considered while processing speech or podcast annotations.

The speech-to-text system can better understand audio with an annotated transcription if the annotations are properly done.

Audio Classification

Classifying audio files involves assigning appropriate labels to audio recordings based on their content, which may include genre, artist, emotion, sentiment, and other descriptors. The process is typically manual, but AI-powered audio labeling tools can facilitate the automation to the process.

Data annotation experts should be brought on board for accurate audio classification since annotating audio is labor-intensive.

Audio Classification

Audio Annotation Use Cases

By using audio data annotation, the context of audio recordings can be provided — for example, by distinguishing between human and animal voices, or by distinguishing between a car horn and a siren. It is an essential tool for many audio-processing tasks, including speech recognition, music tagging, transcription, and sound event classification.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology

We provide affordable and secure audio annotation for user interviews, research, conferences, and other industry needs.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

OTT and online music platforms can also benefit from audio annotation. Customers can resolve issues more quickly and enjoy music hassle-free.


Security & Surveillance

Using AI appropriately trained with audio annotation, security & surveillance systems can detect potential threats with the ability to detect different sounds.

Outsource To Us

Our robust teams are specially trained in audio annotation, so we are able to build and scale quickly in order to meet your requirements. The machine will be able to recognize a wide variety of sounds and voices with our help as your preferred partner for audio annotation.


Quality on a Promise

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality Text Annotations. Our training data is therefore tailored for the applications of our clients.


Uncompromised Data Security

Data security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. At all points in the annotation process, our team ensures that no data breaches occur.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

We at Cogito claim to have the necessary resources and infrastructure to provide Text Annotation services on any scale while promising quality and timeliness.


Flexible Pricing

Besides offering flexible pricing, we can tailor our services to suit your budget and training data requirements with our pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Get Us On Board

Medical, media, entertainment, security, and surveillance are among the industries requiring audio annotation services. Bringing together over 1500 data experts, Cogito boasts a wealth of industry exposure to help you develop successful audio-annotation-based NLP models.

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