Content Moderation for Gaming Sites & Apps

Develop a safe and welcoming environment for individual mental health within the virtual gaming community through site and app moderation that scales your community and provides more engagement for your players.

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Keeping gaming community’s behavior in check via content moderation

Content moderation service to design games and their features to create a safe and welcoming environment for individual mental health within the online community by detecting inappropriate messaging content generated by the community and pruning or deleting it before it is shown to the public view.

Our Gaming Sites & Apps Content Moderation Includes:

Moderating In-Game Chat

Moderating In-Game Chat

Content moderation service for detecting offensive content in in-game chat in a number of languages with efficiency and accuracy. For maximum accuracy and combating new ways of submitting profanity, a custom list can also be created.

Filtering Age-sensitive Content

Content moderation services to filter out inappropriate content, such as explicit or sexually provocative posts, messages encouraging self-harm, and other inappropriate content for the gaming community.

Filtering Age-sensitive Content
Gamer Profile & Character Moderation

Gamer Profile & Character Moderation

We can work with you to develop customized moderating criteria, or we can use our standard image moderation service. The profile photos of our members are reviewed by real, trained professionals to ensure only appropriate content is featured.

Identifying Copyright infringement

OIf you allow your content to be stolen despite disclaimer clauses, your reputation and legal future are at risk. Let our moderators locate duplicate copies of copyrighted materials shared among users without their permission on gaming platforms.

Identifying Copyright infringement

Gaming Sites Content Moderation Use Cases

Supervising kids' behavior in Games

Supervising kids’ behavior in Games

Your community guidelines on the gaming platform should have sections for parents and guardians as well as for children. Stricter moderation strategies must be put into place to protect children from exposure to inappropriate content.

Helps Build a Transparent Gaming Platform

Helps Build a Transparent Gaming Platform

It is crucial to maintain fairness and equity on public forums when moderating user content. Every user must undergo similar levels of moderation, and our content moderators must help apply the rules fairly.

Content Moderation in Multiple Languages

Content Moderation in Multiple Languages

Content management systems can only work effectively if moderators or systems understand the language. Our expertise in natural language processing allows us to monitor and moderate gaming content in multiple languages.

Maintain Guidelines in Games

Maintain Guidelines in Games

In order to maintain your gaming site policy, the first and most important step is to establish guidelines. Keeping gamers in check can be accomplished by accurately monitoring gaming platforms’ community guidelines.

Outsource To Us

The chances of your gaming site or app succeeding are low if it contains misinformation and inappropriate content. For gaming sites and apps, we provide content moderation services that help you define standard community guidelines to be followed by users.


Quality on a Promise

An experienced team of content moderation specialists can provide manual & AI-based gaming sites and apps content moderation services.


Uncompromised Data Security

Keeping client data confidential and secure is our top priority, and our gaming sites content moderation process is 100% secure.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

Keeping time and quality intact, Cogito offers content moderation services for gaming sites & apps that are unparalleled in the industry.


Flexible Pricing

we offer flexible pricing based on pay-per-use. Depending on our client’s requirements, we tailor our pricing to meet their content moderation needs.

Get Us On Board

The role of content moderation teams is crucial to eliminating offensive, offensive, insulting, harmful, or even harassing posts, ensuring a safe gaming community, and increasing the credibility of gaming platforms. Cogito can bring a dedicated team of gaming sites & content moderators to review and rectify content on gaming sites and applications.

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