Video Transcription for NLP Model

Take advantage of our video transcription service to help you convey your message more clearly while making your content more accessible to the target audience, whether it's YouTube transcriptions, webinars, entertainment, or promotional content.

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Services Included in Video Transcription

Get your Video data repurposed into a globally accessible format by Cogito’s multilingual Video transcription experts. Our team of transcriptionists has 99% accuracy in transcribing YouTube videos, webinars, entertainment, and promotional content.

speech to text transcription


We provide the best speech-to-text products based on the latest speech technology and human intelligence.


Video recordings and interviews can be translated into any major language by our professional translators in all major languages.

Preferred Format of Transcripts

Preferred Format of Transcripts

Transcripts can be formatted with paragraphs or tables, and timecodes can be added as desired. You can choose from plain text, MS Word, and PDF formats.

Customized Styles

To ensure that the transcript you receive turns out exactly the way you expected, we offer transcription formats and editing styles.

Customized Styles

Industries We Serve

A wide array of use cases exist for NLP-based Text Classification in a variety of industries seeking AI integration. We can help you with data to train NLP models to derive context from text data based on predetermined classifiers.



Whether you need Medical transcriptions for your records or HIPAA-compliant transcriptions, we can transcribe medical video data.

AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Transcribing your Video into a structured format to help you train computer vision and speech NLP models based on your machine learning requirements.



Our video transcription expertise can help students and faculty get transcripts of lectures and dissertations quickly and easily.

Call Center

Call Center

Our Video transcription solutions can help call centers gain valuable insight into their customers, callers, and agents through our Video transcription services.



Transcripts of Video and video content are created quickly and securely, saving time and money for law firms, investigators, police forces, and research firms.



With our customized Video transcription services, you’ll be able to drive growth for your consulting firm with our proven, secure transcription process.



We provide affordable and secure transcription, translation, and data annotation services for user interviews, research, conferences, and other industry needs.

Outsource To Us

We have robust, specially trained teams for all video transcriptions, making it possible to build and scale quickly to meet your requirements. With us as your preferred partner for Video transcription, you will receive high-quality transcripts specific to your industry use cases.


Quality on a Promise

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality Text Annotations. Our training data is therefore tailored for the applications of our clients.


Uncompromised Data Security

Data security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. At all points in the annotation process, our team ensures that no data breaches occur.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

We at Cogito claim to have the necessary resources and infrastructure to provide Text Annotation services on any scale while promising quality and timeliness.


Flexible Pricing

Besides offering flexible pricing, we can tailor our services to suit your budget and training data requirements with our pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Get Us On Board

Among the many industries, we can serve are AI/ML, education, legal, medical, legal, consulting, market research, and a wide range of other industries that require video transcription services. Bringing together over 1500 data experts, Cogito boasts a wealth of industry exposure to help you develop successful NLP models.

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