Training Data Sets for Security Industry using AI Camera for Object Detection

AI-enabled security cameras are playing a big role in round-the-clock surveillance making the life of people more secured and trouble-free. To create such high-tech video equipment and integrate into surveillance system a training data set is required. And AI security camera system is developed with huge amount of data sets from videos and images captured from similar cameras with proper labeling.

Image Annotation Types for AI in Security Camera Surveillance System

Bounding Boxes Crowd Detection

Bounding Boxes for Crowd Detection

Thermal Images Night Vision Cameras

Night Vision Thermal Image Annotation

3D Cuboid Annotation Traffic Motion

3D Cuboid Annotation for Traffic Motion

Landmark Annotation

Landmark Annotation for Face Detection

Person Annotation Theft Detection

Person Annotation for Theft Detection

Point of Interest Human Monitoring

Point of Interest for Human Monitoring

Cogito is an expert in generating the training data for AI security camera and computer vision based visual perception model with next level of accuracy for accurate object detection and face recognition. We can make Artificial intelligence video surveillance system work efficiently by providing the right annotated images detected in such cameras helping algorithms to learn and predict with precision.

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