Use of AI and Machine Learning in Insurance Claims for Car Damage Detection

The automatic car damage detection in insurance industry devising the claim process for faster processing with accuracy. The use of AI in insurance claims is possible when the model is well-trained with annotated damaged car with huge amount of training data sets to detect the level of damage for accurate claims. Cogito provides training data for AI in insurance with precisely annotated images of different types of damaged vehicles that help computer vision to train the machine learning algorithms.

Image Annotation Types for Machine Learning and AI in Insurance Claims

Annotation for Vehicle Dent Detection

Annotation for Damage Level Detection

Annotation for Damaged Car Body Parts

Bounding Box for Car Damage Detection

Semantic Segmentation for Car Damage

Video Annotation for Damage Detection

Cogito has gained an expertize in diverse industry, and for insurance sector it is also providing the training data sets in annotated images formats. The annotated images for AI insurance claims processing is created for visual based perception model to train the machine learning algorithms that can automatically detect such damages. Cogito is annotating the images of damaged vehicles with precise data labeling providing the best quality training data for AI and machine learning in insurance sector for automatic car damage detection.

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