Why Should Your Business Consider Content Moderation?

October 5, 2018 6 min read By Cogito Tech. 1178 views

User-generated content (UGC) is becoming an integral part of the decision-making process for customers when choosing a product or service. Almost half of the consumers think user-generated content is more trustworthy than any other form of media, and even 35% say it is more memorable than any other source.

Nonetheless, publishing such UGC can also negatively impact a brand’s reputation or defame it through offensive or inappropriate harmful content created by users. User-generated content should be moderated in order to protect your brand’s reputation, control invasive user-generated content, and prevent such content from spreading throughout your website.

Let’s find out why your company needs a content moderation service or why it is crucial to the success of your business.

Brand Protection with Care for Users

The sharing of UGC can take many forms, such as pictures, texts, or videos, via multiple online channels, such as social media, forums, blogs, comments, and contests. It is possible for many people to share negative UGC that damages your brand and influences your customers, which ultimately impacts the company’s corporate reputation.

It is important to manage content moderation efficiently and effectively in order to prevent your company’s brand from being damaged. Furthermore, these content moderators help to prevent trolls, bullies, and negative reviews posted by either existing or unknown customers that would damage your brand image.

Helps Understand Your Customer’s Sentiments

Content moderation helps you to understand your customer’s opinions, feelings, and thoughts toward your company, product, services, or brand. UGC helps to understand customers’ views and what they think about your product or service. And content moderation helps to interact with targeted customers and offer them better products and services.

Content moderators discover the actual pain or perception of customers that you don’t know. These moderators interact with such people and use sentiment analysis tools to get more comprehensive feedback to improve service and offer them a better product with value for the money. Content moderation with positive intents will help you protect your brand and users and make data-driven decisions before launching a new product and how to make crucial decisions for marketing campaigning.

Scale Your Campaigns with Rapid Actions

Content moderation is one of the best tools to scale your campaigns and drive marketing strategies if you are looking to host a contest or launch a new product or get more reviews, or can crowdsource a new idea with the help of an efficient content moderation strategy to rapidly scale such campaigns without getting any negative feedback or effects on your brand.

You can use social media platforms to analyze the UGC and reform the strategy to run the campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networking channels. Using this tool, you can review the content posted on your website before any hateful content is exposed to your customer. The best part of this job is that moderators can work from different locations worldwide while increasing customer engagement.

Improves Online Traffic and Website Ranking

Suppose you are monitoring your brand or company’s official online pages. In that case, UGC will give the best method for driving more online traffic to your web pages, which also helps improve the website’s overall ranking. The increase in such online traffic will also generate customers’ interest in your brand, which helps to create a better brand image in the marketplace while increasing social engagement through your website.

UGC on social platforms will allow you to run a contest or solve any challenge to keep them more engaged, make the conversation more productive also encourage new users to participate and appreciate your brand, product, or services offered by your company. When new users engage more with your website or linked pages, search engines pay more attention to the content, increasing online traffic and significantly improving the overall website ranking.

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Content Moderation Process

Each content moderation process can be executed by hiring individuals to check user posts or through AI-enabled automated methods. There are several factors to consider:

  • Type of online content and communities
  • Brand’s or business’ permissible or prohibited words, phrases, or visuals
  • A brand’s daily load of user posts

User content should be regulated in accordance with a guideline that specifies the scope and limitations of that regulation. A brand or client may prohibit it from using terms or phrases related to terrorism or implying sexual behavior. The moderation methods will be determined based on how followers and members of the online community post their comments.

In order to prevent content that should be banned or that requires further examination, each post is carefully reviewed by moderators. If user content is gravely offensive or violates the community guidelines, the moderators will delete it. With manual and AI-powered moderation methods, Cogito can aid in accurately inspecting user-generated content.

Content Moderation Services

For companies to build customer loyalty, content moderation is essential. It is more likely that customers who feel valued will be more open about their opinions regarding your products or services because they can trust that their opinions will be considered.

Types of Content Moderation

We offer customized Content Moderation Services for visual, text, and audio files. Our service delivery is streamlined to ensure users comply with your content posting guidelines.

Visual Moderation

We evaluate images and videos for inappropriate or offensive content ensuring websites and social media platform users do not post any offensive or offensive-looking content that could be harmful to other users.
Images    Videos    GIFs    Memes    Live Streams

Text Moderation

Get the language and subject matter experts on board to monitor user-generated content like comments, messages, posts, and other user-generated text to ensure that it is not inappropriate, offensive, or illegal.
Webpages    Social Media    Feeds    Blogs    Chat    Forums    User Reviews

Audio Moderation

As part of our live Content Moderation Services, we monitor conversations, such as live streaming, discussion, chatroom, or webinar in real-time to ensure that all participants adhere to predetermined guidelines and rules.
Podcasts   Interviews   Conversations    Broadcasts    Radio Shows

Content Categorization for Personalization

Customer satisfaction can be increased by personalizing the experience and protecting them from harmful content. Moderators are also responsible for categorizing content based on specific demographics, interests, and market behavior through content moderation.

A better online experience is made possible with content categorization. An ad for baby shampoo, for instance, would target women with babies and toddlers ages 25-40. Besides personalizing it, they want to target moms looking for the best baby shampoo brands. Content categorization ensures the right audience sees the right ads.

Content Moderation for Market Intelligence

You can also use content moderation to gather information from user-generated content, like opinions, reviews, and comments about your product or service. There is an increasing number of businesses utilizing this opportunity to gather market intelligence that can be used to develop better product and marketing strategies, to develop better offers, and, ultimately, to develop better products and services.

Decisions made by potential customers are heavily influenced by brand perception. Online reviews, friends’ experiences, or news stories mentioning a specific brand influence these potential customers’ opinions quickly about brands. It’s important to keep track of what others are saying about your brand so you can better understand what makes you distinctive in the competitive corporate or business space.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media has become a necessity for every brand today. Users post and comment on your social media pages. Generally, the social media content norms govern most of them; however, some can contain inaccurate and hateful content. It could also contain videos and photos outside the platform’s policies.

In order to maintain a positive social media environment, content moderation services manually review and moderate all user-generated content on your various social media pages.

Comment Moderation

The more comments your website visitors leave about your articles, products, or services, the better. It makes prospects feel heard and valued. Some of the comments, however, may be spam or not in line with the content submission guidelines.

You can moderate comments on your site or forum by outsourcing content moderation. To ensure only relevant content appears on your website, follow the strict guidelines you’ve laid out.

Video moderation

Videos dominate the internet these days, so your website must not post pornographic, violent, or obscene videos. Keeping a high level of quality and compliance is imperative in today’s business environment.

It’s easy to monitor thousands of videos, categorize them accordingly, and disapprove any that don’t meet guidelines with an outsourced team of moderators.

Image moderation

New users are attracted to a site through imagery, which plays a major role online. Online interactions can be boosted by inviting users to share images. Cogito moderators ensure that no explicit content or images are shared on the platform by regularly watching users’ posts. The image moderation service ensures that every image meets your standards for quality and compliance.

Categorizing & Indexing

Make your website easier to search, easier to navigate, and more conversion-friendly by categorizing your business offerings. Businesses organize their products and services according to appropriate classifications to improve the efficiency of their indexing. Your message will be conveyed to your customers through cataloging services.

Product Data Entry

Providing proper search functionality to your website or app will make it more user-friendly from the first moment your customers engage. You can enhance your website/app customer experience by providing them with all essential information, including product specifications and tagging offerings with optimized keywords and “related items” listings.


User-generated content plays a crucial role in understanding the customers and their state of mind. And content moderators can monitor UGC to make it favorable towards a particular brand or company. If you hire a professional service provider offering content moderation services, you can establish a reputed brand image for your company.

Cogito is the right place where you can meet the requirement for spam content detection services with effective implementation and solutions. Cogito has expert content moderators to provide data-driven social media content moderation services with a completely customized solution with accuracy and dedicated resources within your budget.

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