How Visual Search is Helpful for Ecommerce Industry?

February 4, 2018 2 min read By Cogito Tech. 926 views

To search anything on the internet or other websites with written texts in well organize manners are earlier the only way to find the things you are looking for. While on the other hand, imagining is easier than describing what you are looking for.

Fortunately, the visual search technology is right here allowing the online searchers to find the most suitable product relevant to their imagination. In the current era, visual search for eCommerce is playing the best role to give the users the most relevant results without too much effort. So, let us find how visual search is helping eCommerce brands to give better results.

Visual Search With Artificial Intelligence Enabled Vision

Visual search software works by comparing the pixels in an uploaded image to categorize and give results like that. So, instead of typing with keywords like “red leather bag” that give you unlimited results, you can upload a similar image and get more specific and relevant results matching the bag with the same color, design, and visual appearance.

This is a kind of artificial vision for a computer to scan the attributes of an image and search the similar ones to list them from highest relevancy to lowest relevancy. However, with the advancement of technology like artificial intelligence search evaluation is becoming more precise and gives results as per the searching trend of the users.

Ecommerce is implementing the right tools and API to develop the machine learning-based visual search solution that can give results while learning the searching patterns and acceptability of the results. The search relevance algorithm works with better inputs and allows users to find similar things with better options only using the visual search.

How Visual Search Technology is Benefiting Ecommerce?

Discovering Through Social Media

Social media is becoming the preferred online platform for youngsters to search the products and shop online. And visual search could offer the best products through these social shopping channels. These are allowing users to search, discover and shop more products based on a visual image search that also offers a great opportunity for eCommerce brands to drive their sales through these image-centric platforms having unlimited images for different needs.

Effortless Searching

A visual search is a great tool for online shoppers who are looking for a particular item. Visual search solutions reduce the efforts for users like typing the keywords and scrolling the results. Instead, users can find the desired products by clicking an image or uploading from any other sources to get instant results with the highest relevancy. Visual search is also helping to reduce basket abandonment and eliminating the monotonous processes that frustrate users.

Cross-Selling Platform With Inspiration

One of the best benefits of Visual search is that it is a great cross-selling tool that helps to filter and show similar products if the website does not have the desired products in stock. It can show similar or related items that might still be apt on purchase. And at the same time, it also helps searchers to imagine how other products might complement it.

For example, if someone is searching for a red dress but if they see an image of men wearing a red suit with a handbag that completes the whole look – they might be inclined to buy more than originally envisioned. Similarly, eCommerce brands are using visual search technology with more advanced features to make the search relevance more effective.

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