Cogito specializes in Human Empowered Automation. Our mission is to help our customers innovate and scale by solving their day-to-day data needs. Using our skilled on-demand workforce, we partner with Artificial IntelligenceTechnology and eCommerce clients to develop high-quality data sets used to build and enhance various cutting-edge business applications. We have 10+ years of experience capturing and enriching a wide variety of data types including speechtextimage and video. Our flexible working models provide significant speedaccuracy and cost advantages to our clients.

Dedicated & Managed Team

Dedicated team headed by a project manager takes full accountability to ensure the timely delivery of project.

Pricing Flexibility

Pay per task or hourly. Choose a pricing model that works best with your business needs and budget.

Smart Tech

Our team makes use of the latest technologies to streamline business process for best results.


Leverage our expertise to scale your business to reach new heights. Increase or downsize as per business needs.

Data Security

We are a SOC 2 TYPE 1 certified company and maintain high standards of data security and confidentiality.

Highly Skilled Workforce

We recruit, train, certify and manage a highly skilled workforce. We don’t crowdsource or freelance.


With 10+ years of experience working with global companies, we have a proven track record of solving a variety of data challenges.

Best In Class Accuracy

Cogito’s skilled workforce delivers best-in-class accuracy and data integrity. We pride ourselves to deliver 99.5% quality work.

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