Human-Powered Video Segmentation Annotation Service

Train your machine learning algorithms through labeled videos with added metadata to make the objects recognizable in picture-videos. Cogito is an expert in labeling such videos using various techniques of image annotation to capture each object in the video with frame-by-frame.

Objects Tracking for Self-driving Cars

Video annotation will provide an in-depth visual perception to autonomous vehicles recognize the various types of objects like pedestrians, street lights, sign boards, traffic lanes, signals, cyclists and vehicles moving on the road. Cogito using video annotation tool provides frame annotation service to build ground truth AI model for self-driving.

Objects Tracking for Self-driving Cars
Semantic Video Annotation

Semantic Video Annotation System

In video annotation, images are annotated using various image annotation techniques. It can label certain part of the image to full segmentation, where every pixel is annotated with its semantic meaning helping computer vision model work with the highest quality. Cogito works with video segmentation annotation for visual-based perception model.

Human Activity and Pose Recognition

Video annotation service also helps to recognize human activities and their poses. A precisely annotated moving images helps machines to recognize facial expressions of humans and how they pose while performing various actions. Cogito with state-of-the-art facility provides the best quality annotated videos to track the human actions.

Human Activity Pose Recognition
Video Annotation Services

Full Range of Video Annotation Services

Cogito is providing a full range of video annotation services to improve the AI and machine learning algorithm training accuracy for the right prediction. Our highly-skilled team can annotate the different categories of videos with an additional level of quality to make the objects recognizable even at fast moving speed in any kind of video recordings.

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