Video Annotation Services

Video Annotation Services

Video Annotation to Empower AI and Machine Learning

It is crucial that your computer vision algorithms are trained, validated, and tested on well-processed training data if you want to successfully launch your AI project. Each frame in your video dataset must be accurately annotated and labeled in order for AI algorithms to recognize objects like humans. It is generally believed that machine learning models do better with better annotations and labels. A decade of experience in data annotation makes Cogito a reliable ally for video annotation required for machine learning and AI training data needs.

What is Video Annotation?

Annotating video clips is a way to train computer vision models to detect or identify objects by labeling or tagging them. To make machine learning models recognize objects in videos, video annotation requires annotating each frame of the video. Exactly how many frames will need to be annotated depends on the video length and frame rate (fps). Outsourcing video annotation to a company is preferred due to its time-consuming nature.

Video Annotation Techniques

It is difficult to annotate video data for a variety of reasons. Firstly, since objects of interest are moving, labeling them correctly is a more challenging task. The need for huge volumes of video datasets are also something to keep in mind. Video tracking can be challenging due to a large number of events. Because millisecond accuracy is required, having expert annotators by your side is viable.

2D Bounding Boxes 2D Bounding Boxes

Computer vision-based models benefit from the use of 2D bounding boxes to calculate attributes and recognize surroundings in real-world settings.

3D Cuboid Annotation 3D Cuboid Annotation

Machines can be taught to measure the depth of objects by transforming 2D camera data into simulated 3D environments using 3D Cuboid annotation.

3D Point Cloud Annotation 3D Point Cloud Annotation

By using 3D point cloud annotation, we can better determine the dimensions and classify objects based on their appearance and dimensions.

Landmark Annotation Landmark Annotation

Connecting multiple dots is called landmark annotation, and it is used to recognize human postures, facial gestures, poses, figures, and sentiments.

Lines & Splines Lines & Splines

This annotation technique uses lines to delineate specific parts of an image. Different industries, such as construction, use it for boundary recognition.

Polygons Polygons Annotation

Video frames containing images of irregular shapes & sizes, such as satellite & aerial views, can be annotated with polygonal annotations.

Events Classification Events Classification

If you want your product to be able to categorize certain events in a video frame, this method is useful for identifying specific movements or actions.

Event Tracking Event Tracking

A video track is annotated instead of frames during Event Tracking, which allows the location of events and their labeling over time.

video annotation approach

Our Video Annotation Approach

Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, Cogito primarily uses the human workforce for image annotation. We prefer to manually do the annotation process rather than just relying on AI-powered annotation applications for the sake of accuracy, even though it is complex and involves multiple steps.

Here are the steps that we carry through the Video annotation process:

  • Reviewing the frames contained in a video;
  • Assigning annotations and labels to the relevant objects in each frame;
  • Classifying images based on their characteristics in every frame;
  • Segmenting video characters and objects by constructing bounding boxes around images.

Industries We Serve

As a top workforce solutions provider, Cogito claims to provide industries significant aid to their automation and prediction models with its suite of Video annotation and labeling services. With human expertise and AI-powered video annotation techniques, experts at Cogito can effectively analyze large volumes of video data to identify trends and patterns for enhancing manufacturing efficiency and reducing cost & energy expenses.

Automobile Automation

Helping the automobile industry with high-quality AI training data to seamlessly deploy AI in cars and other vehicles for autonomous driving

Automobile Automation
Medical AI

Leveraging Video annotation techniques to automate processes and procedures at clinics with successful AI and machine learning integration

Medical AI
Sports & Games

By implementing AI with our training data, teams can analyze and shape strategies while maximizing their strengths for optimal performance

Sports & Games
Security & Surveillance

Utilizing video annotation to harness AI for accurate object detection, for example, humans, cars, and animals, through training data.

Security & Surveillance

Assisting manufacturers with AI training data and AI implementation for faster processes and accurate decision-making

Media & News

Helping AI with training data to augment reporting and transcribing audio and video interviews in the news & media industry.

Media & News

Why Choose Us

Cogito has been known for offering industries video annotation services for over a decade with a comprehensive suite of AI and machine learning capabilities. Take advantage of our video annotation outsourcing service and enjoy high-quality video annotations tailored to your industry needs.


Quality on a

Our team's commitment to excellence drives them to deliver high-quality video annotation. The video annotation process we follow is in compliance with the data security policy. We ensure that the training data we deliver to our clients is quality bound to their industry application.


Uncompromised Data Security

We place a high priority on maintaining complete data security and confidentiality. It is our team's responsibility to ensure that no data breaches occur at any point in time. Throughout the entire video annotation process, your data remains secure with us against any possible threat.


Scalable with Quick Turnaround Time

With an experienced workforce and well-equipped infrastructure, we at Cogito claim to have every required resource available to provide you with high-quality video annotation services. We can serve you at any scale while promising quality and a quick turnaround time for training data delivery.



Our pay-as-you-go pricing model brings you the best deal for video annotation once you choose Cogito to be your data processing partner. Apart from offering flexible pricing, we tend to customize our services to suit your budget and training data needs.

Get Us on Board

A decade-long exposure to various industries and a pool of in-house data professionals, trained annotators, and language experts make Cogito a trustworthy ally to fulfill your video annotation requirements. Get us on board to embrace the best of our video annotation expertise to empower your computer vision-based models and AI algorithms with our high-quality training data.