Training Data for AI and Deep Learning Urban Planning & Management

The application of Artificial Intelligence in urban planning and management is crucial and essential. It helps to make the urban areas developed with advanced amenities and provide people a better living environment. Architects and Civil Engineers are using AI for geospatial machine learning for urban development and management. We at Cogito provide the best quality training data sets to train such AI and ML models that can be used for urban cities or township planning, development and management.

Image Annotation Types for AI & Machine Learning Urban Management

Annotation for Urban Landscape Design


Aerial View Mapping of Urban Houses


Line Annotation for Urban City Route


Satellite View in Urban Management


Traffic Monitoring and Management


Urban City Layout Plan Management

Cogito renders AI in urban management training data with annotated images to train the machine learning models to work and analyze the various situations while developing urban cities and towns. Get annotated satellite images, or Aerial images for drone training, AI camera for traffic monitoring and land area mapping or defining the street routes labeled with precise and accurate image annotation techniques.

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