Smart Cities Development Training Data Sets for Machine Learning and AI

Smart Cities in the metropolitan areas are usually equipped to make the living environment of people more secure and hassle-free. From AI-enabled security systems and surveillance systems to smart parking and waste management, AI is playing a big role in making these cities smarter. Such artificially intelligent cities can be developed only when AI systems or machines are well-trained with the data sets offered by image annotation companies.

Image Annotation Types for AI and Machine Learning in Smart Cities

Smart City Security & Surveillance

Smart Public Detection & Movement

Smart Vehicle Parking Management

Round-the-clock Traffic Management

Smart Waste & Disposal Management

Drone Based Aerial View Monitoring

Whether it is a matter of keeping an eye on safe public movement in the society or monitoring unusual activities through cameras, AI has left no stone unturned, that too without human help. Cogito is providing the training data for smart cities to train and develop the various types of machines, systems, devices and equipments that can work automatically or help to make them smarter.

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