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Image & Video Annotation for Smart Cities for AI-Enabled Urban Functioning

The new age urban spaces, which are said to be smart cities, rely on information and communication channels to pave the way for fast-paced economic growth and underpinned processes management structures. Implementing Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in smart cities, it's been easier than ever to control and command traffic, waste, and maintenance and monitor energy consumption, pollution risks, and environmental effects. The intelligent deployment of AI in smart cities can help urban management make more intelligent decisions for automated city operations while setting the path for an improved quality of life.

How Deploying AI Solutions for Smart Cities can Help Ease City Operations

Smart Cities in metropolitan areas are usually equipped to make the living environment of people more secure and hassle-free. From AI-enabled security systems and surveillance systems to smart parking and waste management, well-thought-out AI solutions for smart cities can play a significant part in enabling urban spaces to be better with processes and procurements. Cogito, with its expertise in image and video annotation for smart cities, can help city planners with the intelligent deployment of AI-enabled systems for easy and efficient city operations.

Image Annotation Types for AI and Machine Learning in Smart Cities

Smart City Security & Surveillance

Smart Public Detection & Movement

Smart Public Detection & Movement

Smart Vehicle Parking Management

Smart Vehicle Parking Management

Round-the-clock Traffic Management

Round-the-clock Traffic Management

Smart Waste & Disposal Management

Smart Waste & Disposal Management

Drone Based Aerial View Monitoring

Cogito’s Approach to Smart Cities Image Annotation

Big data, AI, and smart cities are inextricably linked. Artificial intelligence can be applied to analyze Big Data efficiently to produce data predictions and deliver cost-effective solutions that can fuel smart city applications. Whether supervised or unsupervised, the quality and use case relevance determine the way smart cities image annotation work for AI-powered urban settings. At Cogito, datasets and target values are created for supervised learning to find specific solutions in the raw data collected by AI networks. After this, the AI performs programmed tasks and actions while exploring new possibilities and options that could provide better outcomes than current ones.

Outsource Image & Video Annotation for Smart Cities to Cogito

Experts at Cogito can annotate any set of smart city training datasets for empowering AI-enabled urban processes management. Whether it is a matter of keeping an eye on safe public movement in society or monitoring unusual activities through cameras, our dedicated annotators can help with multi-label image annotation for smart cities. Outsource image & video annotation for smart cities to Cogito — we can provide high-quality training data for smart cities to train and develop various types of automated machines, systems, devices, and equipment enabling ordinary urban spaces to function as smart cities.

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