Use of AI in Robotics and Annotations for AI & Machine Learning in Robotics

AI in Robotics making such machines operate automatically while performing various tasks into multiple crucial fields. From manufacturing, to agriculture and healthcare machine learning in robotics are integrated for cost-effective and higher productivity with better efficiency helping humans to leverage the advantage of AI into such fields. And Cogito is providing the intelligence to make possible the use of AI in robotics with high-quality training data sets for companies developing AI robots for various industries.

Image Annotation Types for AI and Machine Learning Applications in Robotics

Robotics in Box Picking at Warehouse

Annotation for Robotics in Agriculture

Robotics in Automated Car Manufacturing

3D Cuboid Annotations for Robotics

Annotation for Storage Units by Robotics

Annotation for Robotics in Warehouse

Cogito can provide the most relevant training data sets for Deep learning robotics algorithms to train the model with best level of accuracy. It is offering the image annotation service to make the objects clearly recognizable in the images for computer vision. This AI robotics training data offered with right labeling and annotations providing the visual inputs to train the robotics for such detections. Image annotations for robotics by Cogito covers widespread fields like healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing, where robotics arms can operate with full efficiency.

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