Training Data for Computer Vision in AI and Machine Learning in Retail Industry

AI in e-commerce and retail industry is creating a brand new dimension for the fashion and e-commerce industry with a much better shopping experience for customers. AI or machine learning in retail is possible only when computer vision-based algorithms can be trained with the right data sets. You can find here some examples of image annotation representing the AI use cases in retail and online shopping industry.

Image Annotation Types For AI In Retail & Online Shopping

Improved Inventory Management

Customers Shopping Experience

Annotation for Shopping Counts

Human Counts and Time Spend

Interested Objects Interactions

Shopping Footfall Interactions

Integrating machine learning in the retail industry is not an easy task unless you have the right quality and quantity of train data for creating an AI model for the retail industry. Cogito creates machine learning training data for the retail and e-commerce industry with added metadata to detect the objects placed in stores or find out the customer’s shopping experience. This ultimately helps the fashion and retail industry to function with much greater efficiency.

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