Training Data for AI in Real Estate & Construction

AI in real estate using drones and satellite imagery to develop the well-organized layout for new projects with aerial view mapping of buildings. Help the real estate developers to design and develop the building landscape with more advance features. Image tagging to classify the rooms and analyze the condition of the room and other things. Helping the real-estate sector offer a better living environment for residents.

Image Annotation Types to Get Training Data for AI in Real Estate

Aerial View Mapping of Buildings

project layout plan management

Project Layout Plan Management

Drone Based Aerial View Monitoring

Satellite View for Aerial Field Mapping

Image Tagging for Buildings Interiors

Object Detection at Construction Site

Cogito offers a one-stop solution for computer vision training data needs for AI in real estate construction. We are providing the data labelling for AI in real estate with annotation with tagging for urban landscape design, city layout and aerial view monitoring of entire project or buildings completed or going under construction.

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