Deep Learning Medical Imaging Diagnosis with AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning in medical imaging is playing a vital role in analysis and diagnosis of various critical diseases with best level of accuracy. Artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis is trained with annotated images like X-Rays, CT Scan, Ultrasound and MRIs reports available in digital formats. These medical imaging data is used to train the AI or machine learning model perform deep learning for medical image analysis with automated diagnosis system for medical industry and healthcare sector.

Image Annotation Types for Machine Learning and AI in Medical Diagnosis

Bounding Box for X-Rays Analysis

Image Annotation for Point of Interest

Semantic Segmentation for X-Rays

Polygon for Image Analysis in Dentistry

Image Annotation for Kidney Diagnosis

Annotation for Cancer Cells Detection

Cogito has achieved that niche to provide medical imaging data and healthcare training data to train the visual perception based AI or machine learning model for deep learning for medical image analysis. Working with certified and experienced medical professionals, Cogito is one the well-known medical imaging AI companies providing the one stop image annotation solution for medical field. It can create high-quality data sets for AI medical diagnosis with desired level of accuracy at low-cost making the machine learning training in medical industry possible at affordable cost.

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