Annotations for Machine Learning and AI Use Cases in News & Media Industry

AI in media is becoming extremely popular just like the news spread by such agencies. These automated technologies are playing an immense role in making the media industry work more efficiently. AI works in the sectors of facial recognition, visual search and annotation for NLP or entity recognition in news reports. AI in news media uses NLP to automatically analyze contents, sort them and implement automatic moderation before circulation. Cogito is making AI an accomplishable task by providing the training data sets to train such models that can work in the media and entertainment industry for faster and accurate reporting.

Image Annotation Types for Machine Learning & AI Developments in Media Industry

Annotation for Face Recognition in Media

Annotation for Visual Search in Media

Annotation for Brand Recognition in Media

Text Annotation for Sentiment Analysis

NER Annotation for Entity Extraction

NLP Annotation for Fake News in Media

Cogito can create high-quality training data sets for AI in the media and entertainment industry with the annotated texts, videos and images to make content recognizable by machines for NLP and sentiment analysis. It is providing the training data sets for AI and machine learning models development for the media industry. The annotation process is done by ensuring the highest level of precision, while at the same time guaranteeing data privacy helping the AI developers integrate intelligence into the media sector with top-grade training data at a competitive price.

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