Annotations for AI and Machine Learning in Livestock Management System

Managing the large quantity of animals in husbandry or dairy production, becomes critical and time taking when everything is done manually. But when the AI-based automated system is integrated, livestock management system also becomes easier and more productive. Cogito provides the livestock management training data to track animals and manage livestocks through AI-based machines and automated system making animal husbandry and livestock farming a profitable business globally.

Image Annotation Types for AI & ML in Livestock Management System

Annotation for Cow Recognition

Ariel View Semantic Segmentation

Annotation for Livestock Detection

Annotation for Livestock Segmentation

Bounding Box for Livestock Recognition

Semantic Annotation for Livestock Count

Cogito generates the training data sets for AI and automated machine models trained and developed for livestock management system. It is making machine learning in livestock management possible with high-quality training data supplied for computer vision based AI model training to manage the animals at farms and breeding centers. Cogito precisely annotates the images to detect various types of livestock through computer vision devising the AI in livestock management system work effectively with full of efficiency helping farmers to reduce their cost of production.

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