Annotation for AI and Machine Learning in Inventory Management System

Artificial intelligence in inventory management is helping organization and logistic supply chain companies to organize and manage the huge amount of inventory with the help of AI-backed automated system. Inventory management using machine learning technology train robotics machines how and where to receive, place and dispatch the stock from store for right delivery of products. While, Cogito provides the training data sets to train AI robots for inventory management through computer vision based technology.

Image Annotation Types for AI & Machine Learning in Inventory Management

Products with Semantic Segmentation

3D Cuboid Annotation for Robotics

Products Counts and Quantity Check

Inventory Sorting and Management

Inventory Recognition in Retail Store

Annotations for Inventory Movement

Cogito makes inventory optimization machine learning process easier with high-quality training data sets making available at affordable price. It is offering AI robotics training data to train the models can detect the stock and various types of packages using AI technology to receive, store and dispatch the items from the inventory store or warehouse. Products kept in departmental store or packed boxes need to placed at warehouse or depot, everything can be scanned and managed if trained with right AI inventory management training data for robotics and automated machines.

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