Training Data for AI in Forestry for Tree Detection Deep Learning in Forest

Deforestation and erosion of soil globally are two of the biggest concerns among researchers today. It is necessary to work upon a solution in order to control global warming and ensure the rich biodiversity on Earth. Thanks to AI in forests which is keeping an eye on forests and trees making it easier and effective to ensure less to no loss for them. Illegal deforestation or forest fires, all such activities can be detected with AI-enabled systems. Annotating such actions in the images helps them to train the AI model for accurate detection and equip forest management.

Image Annotation Types for AI in Forest Management

Forest Management

Annotation for Deforestation

detecting the damaged trees semantic or polygon

Detecting the Damaged Trees


Annotation to Detect Forest Fires


Annotation for Tree Identification

Vehicle Movement Detection in Forest

Vehicle Movement Detection in Forest


LIDAR Annotation in Forest Inventory

To make AI in forestry possible through tree detection deep learning, Cogito provides data annotation services to annotate the trees along with other types of unusual objects in a forest. Detecting a fire in the forest, identifying the trees, spotting deforestation and other unfavorable activities like vehicle movement and human actions, is possible with machine learning training data. Cogito provides satellite image datasets and annotated images for drones and Aerial view AI model training and ML.