Annotation for AI and Machine Learning for Fashion Industry

Clothings and other accessories are adding a style to fashion industry. Computer vision based visual search technology is now used to develop models for machine learning and artificial intelligence in fashion retail industry. Image annotation companies are providing the labeled data for fashion industry making the trendy clothings and accessories recognizable to such AI-based machines through computer vision.

Image Annotation Types for Machine Learning and AI in Clothing Fashion Retail

Bounding Box for Fashionable Clothing

Semantic Segmentation for Set of Clothes

Items Tagging for Fashionable Shopping

Annotation for Visual Search In Fashion

Semantic Segmentation for Wearables

Annotations for Wearable Accessories

Implementing the machine learning and AI in fashion industry becoming easier if properly labeled training data is available for computer vision based model training. Cogito provides image annotation and video annotation for visual search fashion in clothings and accessories. It can annotate wide-ranging wearable items with added tagging and labeling of each item helping machines recognize such articles automatically.

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