AI and Machine Learning in Diagnosis with Annotated Medical Image Analysis

Medical image analysis deep learning providing the expeditious solution to doctors diagnosis the various types of diseases using the AI model. Artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis is becoming more accurate with high-quality training data sets. Annotated medical images like X-rays, MRI, CT Scan and Ultrasound are generated at Cogito as a medical training data for ML with best level of accuracy making the AI possible in medical diagnosis.

Image Annotation Types for AI in Medical Image Analysis & Cancer Diagnosis


Annotation for AI in Brain Diagnosis


Annotation for AI in Breast Cancer


Annotation for AI in Kidney Diagnosis


Annotation for AI in Liver Diagnosis


Annotation for AI in Tumor Diagnosis


Annotation for AI in Prostate Cancer

AI medical diagnosis is possible with the world-class training data solution offered by Cogito for AI and ML developers seeking the high-quality training data for such models. We provide annotated medical images data sets for AI in cancer diagnosis, dentistry and detecting the various types of other critical illness through machines. We have well-qualified radiologist to manually annotate the each image with precise detection of diseases ensuring AI-enabled machines can predict with same level of accuracy.

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