Animal Detection Dataset for AI in Animal Conservation & Biodiversity

Artificial intelligence in biodiversity is aiding researchers in wildlife conservation through an AI-enabled animal detection system. Yes, drone and satellite imagery combined with the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms can detect the animals only if the AI model is trained with an animal recognition dataset. Cogito provides high-quality image annotation services to annotate the wide-ranging animals with precise labeling for machine learning training.

Image Annotation Types for AI Animal Recognition Dataset


Annotation for Animal Counting


Annotation for Animal Detection


Annotation for Animal Recognition


Annotation for Species Identification


Semantic Segmentation Annotation


Annotation for Poachers Detection

To make machine learning animal recognition possible, Cogito provides a world-class AI-assisted data labeling service for AI in biodiversity and animal conservation. Images taken from satellites and drones are precisely annotated here using the right techniques and tools to create the best animal recognition dataset to train the machine learning or deep learning models for accurate detection of such creatures. This has further assisted in providing extra care for injured or sick animals in the wild.

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