Satellite and Drone Imagery for Autonomous Flying Training Data

Autonomous flying objects like drones can provide the aerial view of the agricultural fields and farm lands to monitor the health of crop and improve yields. And to train such autonomous flying objects, a high-quality training data is required at large scale. Right technique of image annotation is used to generate annotated satellite images of houses, agricultural lands and urban cities to train the autonomous flying drones.

Image Annotation Types for Satellite and Drone Imagery

Bounding Box for Object Detection

Aerial View Humans Tracking

2D Aerial View Imagery Mapping

Geo Sensing with Segmentation

Semantic for Live Stock Management

Video Annotation for Moving Objects

Cogito is providing the autonomous flying training data solutions with wide-range of image annotation service including popular ones like bounding boxes and semantic segmentation for top aerial view in the images for drone mapping and imagery making the drone training possible with highly accurate training data. We can annotate all types of satellite and drone images with best quality.

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