Computer Vision Training Data for Autonomous Driving

AI and machine learning in autonomous driving is going to bring about a drastic revolution in the automobile industry. Huge data use cases in the automotive industry are visible and required while developing self-driving cars trained through Computer Vision-based machine learning training. A wide range of image annotation techniques is used to create training data for autonomous driving vehicles.

Image Annotation Types for Autonomous Driving

3D Cuboid annotation

Dimension Detection with 3D Cuboid

bounding box annotation

Bounding Box for Object Detection

3D Point Cloud for LiDARs

3D Point Cloud for LiDARs Sensing

Driver Monitoring in ADAS

Annotation for Driver Monitoring in ADAS

Classify Objects Semantic Segmentation

Classify Objects Semantic Segmentation

Polyline Annotation for Lane Detection

Polyline Annotation for Lane Detection

Cogito is making machine learning and AI in the automobile industry possible by using high-quality training data sets for Computer Vision. It will make vehicle production faster with robotics in assembly lines. It is also supplying a wide-ranging image annotation solution for autonomous vehicles and self-driving car training data with an advanced level of accuracy at pocket-friendly prices.

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