Use Cases

From Automotive to Healthcare or Agriculture, AI is now deployed into diverse fields. And we are providing the data processing for machine learning training with expertise in image annotation for computer vision. Find out below here the AI use cases in various fields.

Ai in Automotive

Autonomous Driving

Datasets for self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles for AI in autonomous driving.
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Training data for AI in manufacturing to perform various tasks by automated models.
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Ai in Agriculture


Robots, drones & automated machines are trained with datasets for AI in agriculture.
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Ai in Retail


Analysing the customer’s shopping experience, footfall, and managing the inventory.
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Ai in Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Training data sets for AI cameras to provide round-the-clock security surveillance.
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Ai in Robotics


AI in robotics performing various tasks for manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.
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ai in sports

Sports & Games

AI in the sports and gaming industry is used for analysing various activities or actions.
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Ai in Media & News

Media & News

Data sets for media, news & entertainment industry for faster and accurate reporting.
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ai in Insurance


AI in insurance can detect damaged vehicles through machine learning algorithms.
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Ai in Real Estate

Real Estate

AI in real estate for well-organized city layout with aerial view mapping of buildings.
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Ai satellight Imagery

Autonomous Flying

Drones/AI-based autonomous flying to get an aerial view of houses & agricultural lands.
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AI in Medical imaging


Annotating X-Rays, CT Scans, Ultrasound and MRI report for AI in medical diagnosis.
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ai in fashion


AI in Fashion to make clothes & accessories recognizable with visual search relevance.
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ai in Smart Cities

Smart Cities

AI-enabled systems are trained to develop smart cities with more security and safety.
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ai in Diagnostics


AI in Medical diagnosis using annotated images like X-rays, MRI, CT Scan & Ultrasound.
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ai in Urban Management

Urban Management

Architects & Civil Engineers are using AI in geospatial urban planning & development.
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ai in Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Training data for AI in inventory management to automate the logistic supply chain.
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Ai in Livestock Management

Livestock Management

Training data to track animals & manage livestock using AI-based automated systems.
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Ai in Biodiversity


AI in Biodiversity using aerial view imagery detecting animals for wildlife conservation.
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Ai in Forest Management

Forest Management

AI in forest management to monitor deforestation, forest fires and other activities.
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