A Complete Visual Search Solution

Online searching technologies are now ready to change its dynamics. In addition to texts, online searchers can now use images to search similar images on web. This technology is called visual search, helping people to find what they are looking for and giving a new dimension to online shopping.


Visual Search Solution – A Powerful AI Vision

What is visual search? – Technology that uses images instead of words to set search criteria and find the suitable results accordingly. For an example, if someone wants to buy “brown winder dress”, he can simply click and upload image with similar color combination or design and visual search software will filter the search results accordingly.

Visual Search

Every Image Says A Thousand Words

If images can help to find the suitable things on internet, then why stay behind to use such technology. Instead of typing words upload images and search as per your preference. This technology works very-well on desktop and mobile with interesting results allowing the customers to find the preferred items as per your choice.


Image Based Search Results for E-commerce

The best and most productive use of visual search is in ecommerce industry where customers can search their favorite products or clothing items using visual search. Customers can find similar products matching shapes, colors, styles and patterns. Visual search technology showcases products as per the relevancy instead of popularity among the customers.


How it Helps You to Expand Your Business?

Visual search evaluation helps to increase engagement and conversion rates while enhancing the recommendation engine with visual signal to give more relevant results. Visual search also works like a cross selling tool for Ecommerce. If the website does not have the desired product in stock, it will show similar items that will help increase the sales volume.

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