Fully Encrypted and Secured Video Transcription Service

Video transcriptions are making possible to capitalize the audiovisual content into texts or other readable formats. Ensuring the quality of contents to maintain its originality is important to make it understandable for various clients. Cogito is a pioneer in video transcription services with an edge over other competitors to provide best transcription service with AI backed data training set for machine learning to convert the video matters into a rich transcript.

A right Methods and Tools for Quality Results

Use of best video transcription with human inputs makes the texts effortlessly explicable without losing the true meaning of the audiovisual. Video to text transcription means ignoring the entire disruption, background music and other disturbing noises that have no sense to transform it into a meaningful manuscript.

Wide-ranging formats for Customize Needs

Cogito works with the capability to provide and deliver video transcription services in various formats like audio transcriptions, shot sheets, final-as-broadcast video transcriptions, field transcriptions and customized formats with a suitable video description to make it useful and worth for different group of users.

Advantages of Video Transcription with Cogito

Transcription with us will benefit like accurate and efficient transcription, multi-levels of quality assurance, secured with highly encryption for content privacy, and confidentiality while maintaining the cost of transcription with complete flexibility to get satisfying results along with quick turnaround time to modify.

Cogito for High-quality Video Transcription

We have infrastructure to implement right combination of humans and machine learning with video signal processing to deliver smarter and greatest results at every level. The right transcription service will help you make best use of video to text transcription service to expand your business worldwide.

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