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Video Transcription for Subtitles & Captions Integration

Ensure seamless text integration into your audiovisual content with accurate captioning and subtitling through properly processed video transcription by industry experts. Adding searchable captions and well-rendered subtitles to your videos can make them more accessible, searchable, and engaging for your viewers.

What is Video Transcription?

What is Video Transcription?

Videos contain multiple frames of images synchronized with audio data. In video transcription, the audio content inside a video is identified and then converted into text data using the appropriate transcription process. The transcription process involves interpreting and representing the audio content in the text format depending on the use case requirements.

Why Video Transcription?

It is important to have a video transcription for a variety of reasons, not only to ensure that your videos are accessible to a global audience but also to ensure that your video content is easily searchable online. Transcripts and captions that accurately describe the video content are essential for all audiences to grasp it quickly. Additionally, adding text to your video can improve its search engine visibility and boost views and viewer engagement.

Why Video Transcription

Cogito Dominates the Video Transcription Market

Transcribing videos at Cogito is a collaborative effort among language maestros, industry experts, and advanced speech recognition technologies. From verbatim to edited to intelligent transcripts, Cogito has experts to serve you with a suite of video transcription services to suffice your transcription requirements depending on its usability for your business purposes.

Accuracy is Guaranteed Accuracy is Guaranteed

We match industry standards to a high degree. A well-versed team of highly trained and experienced transcriptionists is assigned to each video transcription project to ensure accuracy, quality, and consistency.

Video Transcriptions by Humans Video Transcriptions by Humans

As opposed to other video transcription agencies that use machines to process audiovisual content, we employ a human-powered video transcription process to string along the quality and consistency of our transcripts.

All In-House for Ensuring Quality All In-House for Ensuring Quality

As a transcription company, we take pride in the accuracy and reliability of our services. Before the final delivery of our transcripts, Cogito keeps it all in-house while regularly monitoring the video transcription workflow.

Our Video Transcription Approach

The video transcription process at Cogito is driven by human transcriptionists, who integrate the manual approach to accurately identify and interpret the audiovisual content into the text format.
Our video transcription process consists of six steps:

Audio Analysis Contained in a Video File Audio Analysis Contained in a Video File

An initial video transcription plan is drafted after analyzing the size and format of the video file and the audio contained in it.

Understanding Transcription Requirements Understanding Transcription Requirements

Transcription experts go through a brainstorming session to understand video content and clients' video transcription preferences.

Performing Transcriptions Performing Transcriptions

The video transcriptionists at Cogito combine manual and automated transcription approaches to produce accurate transcripts.

Reviewing Transcripts for Quality Reviewing Transcripts for Quality

At Cogito, we ensure that all transcriptions are thoroughly checked before they are sent to our proofreaders for review.

Proofreading & Editing Transcripts Proofreading & Editing Transcripts

The transcriptions are edited by a team of experienced editors, who correctly add timestamps and speaker tracking to every section.

Assessing Transcriptions before Final Delivery Assessing Transcriptions before Final Delivery

Upon completion of the transcriptions, we assess the final output for any errors or omissions if it has any error or omission.

Video Transcription Use Cases

We offer video transcription services that help industries reach a global audience and be easily accessible through easy identification, extraction, and integration of appropriate text into the video content. The video transcription service is needed for use in six of the following industries:


Every day, customer service and support calls are recorded and tracked in textual form by call centers and BPO companies.


Transcription services in educational institutions & learning centers for dissertations, lectures, seminars, and webinars.


Journalists and media companies often employ transcriptionists to transcribe interviews, podcasts, and documentaries.

Branding & Marketing

Video transcription is used by marketing and branding companies in order to understand and plan promotional campaigns.

Branding & Marketing
Legal Services

Keeping a written record of case hearings, arbitrations, and evidence might require law firms to hire video transcription services.

Legal Services

Research interviews, discharge summaries, and medical reports can be captured with video transcription in the healthcare industry.


Outsource Your Video Transcription to Us

Whatever the scope or size of the project, Cogito is known for its ability to deliver accurate and high-quality transcriptions. We offer scalable solutions based on the requirements of clients during any phase of the video transcription process. To ensure that our transcription team delivers the best results, we combine the most advanced automated transcription applications with the best human transcription talent. Cogito can be your get-to-go resource for high-quality video transcription — have our video transcription expertise by your side to get.