Text Classification Dataset for Machine Learning Algorithms

Text classification, also known as text categorization is the process classifying the texts and assigning tags to natural language texts within the predetermined set of categories. Text classification for machine learning especially done for NLP to integrate the human understandable words into various AI applications like virtual assistant, chatbots, search engines, spam detection and for AI-backed sentiment analysis system.

Text Classification Dataset for NLP

Basically it is the process of organizing the texts data available into various formats like mails, chat conversations, websites, social media, online portals. Text classification NLP helps to classify the important keywords into multiple categorized to make it understandable to machines. Cogito provides best quality text classification data set for natural language processing through machine learning or deep learning.

Text Classification Dataset for NLP
Text Annotation for Sentiment Analysis

Text Classification for Sentiment Analysis

Similarly while understanding the sentiments of customers through feedbacks, reviews and comments text classification is important. Text Classification for sentiment analysis helps to categorized the important words that define the sentiments of the people. Cogito along with sentiment analysis service, also offers text classification with precision to accurately know the feelings of different age group of people.

Text Document Classification Machine Learning

Document classification machine learning done through natural language processing. And while classifying the texts, it is aimed to assign one or more classes or categories to a document that becomes easy to sort. In machine learning supervised and unsupervised document classification is done as per the algorithms. Cogito is classifying such sensitive data in line with the confidentiality requirements.

Document Classification Machine Learning
Text Classification with Cogito

Precise Text Classification with Cogito

Cogito provides text classification services, with annotation for NLP. It has well-organized data classification and annotation team to meticulously annotate and classify the the words into their suitable category. We ensure the impeccable quality and accuracy at every stage while processing the millions of task each month.

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