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In the age of social media interaction, people are using such platforms to share their personal views and opinions on social, economic, political and various other topics that matter for them. Meanwhile, few people take advantage of posting anything on such online platforms disturbing the people with objectionable contents that are against the community. Social Media Content Moderation – is born to control such offensive contents making social media platforms clean and spam-free for everyone.

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Content Moderation for Social Media Posts

Apart from fake news, social media users post objectionable contents like nude photos, porn videos and offensive pictures disturbing the people of different age groups. Hence, removing such junks immediately is the responsibility of a social media moderator. So, Cogito is right here working with a team of content moderators to remove the obnoxious contents effectively from all types of social networking websites.

Detect & Remove Offensive & Violent Contents

Cold-blooded murders, animal killing and any kind of violence or offensive crime scene including images and videos that are disturbing people need to be removed before it goes viral. The team of social media content moderation at Cogito can instantly detect such posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other similar sites and remove them with remediate effects.

Ability to Remove All Type of Unwanted Content

Cogito content moderation team, are well trained with all types of unwanted content that not suitable to post on social media networking sites. Our team can easily detect and remove the wide-ranging unwanted contents like explicit images, offensive signs, gestures, bikinis, lingerie, porn, nudity and any kind of unwanted content that are against the social media community.

Detection of Multilevel Nudity & Suggestiveness

Posting the exposed or porn-related content like images or short videos is one the most common strategy among many users to attract and engage the people on social media sites. But being one of the leading and best social media monitoring companies, Cogito keeps an eye on such objectionable contents and removes them immediately making such a platform before they become visible to other users.

All Types of Erotic & Suggestiveness Contents Detection

Explicit Nudity Detection

Sexual Activity Detection

Offensive Signs Detection

Revealing Dresses Detection

Erotic Gestures Detection

Violence & Murders Detection

Alcohol & Drugs Detection

Weapons & Guns Detection

Why Cogito for Social Media Content Moderation Outsourcing?

Cogito provides social media monitoring services to moderate all types of content posted on such websites. Working with a team of experienced content moderators, Cogito acts like a mediator to control such content with quick action and immediate effect across the channels. We work with best-in-class accuracy and scalable solution to deal with a huge volume of contents. Cogito will be the right partner as a content moderator to detect and filter any unwanted content including photos, videos, and live streams.

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