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In the age of social media interaction, people use such mediums to share their personal views and opinions on social, economic, political, and various other platforms that matter to them. People often take advantage of posting anything that they feel for, but can be disturbing and objectionable content that may disturb the peace prevailing in our society. Social Media Content Moderation – is born to control such offensive contents making social media platforms clean and spam-free for everyone.

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Content Moderation for Social Media Posts

Apart from fake news, social media users post objectionable content like nude photos, pornographic videos, and offensive pictures disturbing people of different age groups. Hence, removing such junk immediately becomes the responsibility of a social media moderator. Therefore, Cogito is on its toes working with a team of content moderators to remove the obnoxious contents effectively from all types of social networking websites.


Removing All Offensive & Violent Contents

Cold-blooded murders, animal killing and any kind of violence or offensive crime scene including images and videos that can disturb people and needs to be removed before it goes viral. The workforce dedicated for image & video content moderation at Cogito can instantly detect such posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other similar sites and remove them with immediate effects. This ensures a healthy surfing time for one and all.


Ability to Remove All Type of Unwanted Content

At Cogito, the content moderation team is well trained to detect all types of unwanted content that is not suitable to post on social media networking sites. Our team can easily detect and remove the wide-ranging unwanted content like explicit images, offensive signs, gestures, bikinis, lingerie, porn, nudity, and any kind of unwanted content that is against the social media community.


Detecting Multilevel Nudity & Suggestiveness

Posting the exposed or porn-related content like images or short videos is one of the most common strategies among many users to attract and engage people on social media sites. Cogito being one of the leading and best social media monitoring companies keeps an eye on such objectionable contents and removes them immediately. We provide content moderation services for your forum and help it become more and more user-friendly and approachable for the future.


All Types of Erotic & Suggestiveness Contents Detection