Sentiment Analysis-Analyze Every Customer’s State Of Mind

Sentiment Analysis uses a mix of natural language processing, text analytics, and computational linguistics to understand and extract subjective information. This is done to recognize the attitude and emotions of different people and give them a better service.

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Why You Need Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis has wide-ranging industrial applications. After all, a technology that can accurately help gauge the perception of existing and prospective customers can be of significant competitive advantages. It helps to identify and analyze the trends within a company’s texts in emails, surveys, customer services data, or reports.

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Get Sentiment Analysis with right API and Tools

Cogito helps you develop intelligent Sentiment Analysis algorithms by providing accurate data labeling services through trained professionals. Our analysis system is powered by the latest language processing engine to help you find out the real sentiments and opinions of your customers. Thus, giving you an edge to understand and offer them the right products or services.

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Objective of Sentiment Analysis

The main purpose of sentiment analysis is to comprehend the attitude of people towards a particular product, service, company, campaigns, and activities. Whether positive or negative, with the help of sentiment analysis we can analyze the exact reason and respond accordingly or alter our services to render them unblemished to you.

Sentiment Analysis

Right Algorithms for Sentiment Analysis

Using accurate algorithms for sentiment analysis helps in analyzing the context better. The algorithm API takes a string and returns the rating of sentiments in positive, negative, or neutral grade. Such an algorithm provides a composite result in a general way and complete sentiment of the strings. It gives out a detailed analysis report which can be used for decision making.

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