Sentiment Analysis Services for Social Media & Stock Market

Analyzing the sentiments of user-generated content helps businesses and commercial organizations understand the opinions, feelings, viewpoints, thought processes, and perspectives of individuals, communities, religious groups towards a brand, product, or service. This uses the mix of natural language processing, text analytics, and computational linguistics to understand and extract subjective information. This is done at several levels with the motive to understand the users and offer them a better service.

Why is Sentiment Analysis Needed?

Sentiment analysis has wide-ranging industrial applications for the business world to political grounds, it helps to understand the people and deal with them accordingly. Right opinion mining techniques can accurately help gauge the perception of existing and prospective customers. It helps to identify and analyze the trends within a company’s texts in emails, surveys, customer services data, or reports. 


NLP Sentiment Analysis for Social Media

Nowadays, social media is one of the most promising platforms, wherein sentiment analysis can be applied to judge ad interpret the true and live reactions of people. Rather than a simple count of mentions or comments, NLP sentiment analysis considers emotions and opinions. It involves collecting and analyzing information in the posts where people share about your brand, talking about your product, services, or your company.


Sentiment Analysis for Stock Market

Sentiment Analysis is used for stock market predictions helping investors to make the right decision while investing in the equity market, forex currency or commodity trading. And social media is playing a big role in sentiment analysis for stock market predictions. We provide a sentiment analysis service to understand the sentiments of people investing in various financial instruments globally.


Create Sentiment Analysis Dataset

Cogito helps you develop intelligent sentiment analysis algorithms by providing an accurate sentiment analysis dataset through our trained professionals. Our in-house experts are capable to analyse texts, statements, comments, emojis, and users’ reactions in various formats or languages. We will help you find out the real sentiments and opinions of your customers. Thus, giving you an edge to understand and offer them the right products or services with a better brand image in the marketplace.


The objective of Sentiment Analysis

The main purpose of sentiment analysis is to comprehend the attitude of people towards a particular product, service, company, campaigns, and activities. Whether positive or negative, with the help of customer sentiment analysis we can analyze the exact reason and respond accordingly or alter our services to render them unblemished to you. We are offering sentiment analysis services for the following areas.

Sentiment Analysis Use Cases


Social Media Monitoring

Analyze the posts, comments, and other content posted on all the leading social media platforms.


Stock Market Investing

Analyze the sentiments of traders or investors in the stock market & investing in other instruments.


Review & Feedback

Analyze the reviews, customers’ feedback, and ratings on eCommerce and other online platforms.


Brand Monitoring

Monitoring the brand and reputation of varied companies with the right sentiment analysis .

Why Cogito for Accurate Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis?

Multilingual Analysis

Expertise in multiple languages to understand the true sentiments of different group of people around the world.

High Accuracy

Assuring the highest level of accuracy in analyzing the sentiments of people of different mindsets.

Domain Expertise

Analyzing the sentiments on different platforms for different industries with the same level of expertise in all.

Assured Quality

Ensuring the quality to make sure analyze every sentiment precisely delivering the outcomes for everyone.