Content Moderation Services for Online Publishing & Media industry

The news articles or blogs posted get various responses from the readers. Comments, likes, dislikes or shares are a few reactions readers show over there. In the comment sections, sometimes readers give their negative reactions with provocative words to provoke other readers. Controlling or removing such content on published articles is important to keep such a platform clean for the other readers.


Moderation for Published News Articles

Content Moderation works for controlling spam comments and other offensive activities on published content. From news articles to blogs and videos posted online, all can be moderated with round-the-clock publishing moderation service. Cogito is working with a team of highly skilled moderators to closely monitor offensive contents published on various online platforms.


Moderation for Spam-free Publishing

We care about making the published content more engaging and spam-free with moderated comments and removing other remarks that are not suitable for the other readers. We are providing round-the-clock publishing content moderation for published media content. The moderation tech squad at Cogito monitors each action of readers on the published articles, blogs, videos and other contents.


Moderation for Online Publication Houses

The news and media industry get criticism on various content posted on their platforms. From news to key topic discussions, there are various sections where readers can post their comments. We are moderating every aspect that is negative or not favorable for the online community while working with highly-experienced moderators and offering a fully customized service for online publications.


Cogito for Content Moderation in Publishing

Having gained enriched experience in content moderation with expertise in social media, community forums, and dating websites, We are offering a one-stop solution for moderating wide-ranging content. We are making the online platforms free from spam comments and negative reactions helping the online community to enjoy hassle-free interactions via multiple channels.