Live Annotation Services for Text, Images and Videos

Cogito’s Live annotation service enables teams to use a concurrent labeling task distribution and queue system in the loop with production applications. Now, develop your model with Round-the-Clock annotation service offered by Cogito. With quick turnaround time and a scalable workforce we deliver the annotated data within the stipulated time period helping you to use such labeled data for training your AI or ML model anytime.

Time Sensitive Annotation Services

Machine learning developers working on complicated models with high throughput data requirements can use Cogito’s live video annotation or live image annotation services. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated annotators who can label all types and sizes of data including text, images and videos available in various formats.

Our team can develop a customized live annotation workflow to meet your data labeling requirements. Stream your raw data directly to Cogito’s workforce that is working 24X7. The labeled data is sent back within a specific time frame. For some applications, we can offer turn-around times as low as 5 MINUTES! Cogito offers stringent SLAs and tight turn-around to meet your real-time annotation requirements


Benefits of Live Annotation Services

High Throughput Labeling

Stringent SLAs

Super Fast Turnaround

Real-time Annotation

Dedicated Labeling Team

24*7 365 days Availability

Flexible Pricing Models

Scalable Annotation Services