Image and Video Moderation Service for Online Contents Removal

Contents in the images or videos if not found suitable for the online community need to be removed immediately before it became viral. Image moderation service monitors such pictures and moderates them for online users. Video moderation service, while on the other hand deal with the offensive contents in the videos or moving pictures making the online platforms free from offensive and other unwanted contents.

Image Content Moderation Service

Quick action and the right decision is important to moderate contents in the images or pictures posted online. Cogito offers around-the-clock image moderation service with well-trained and highly experienced content moderators. Our image moderation experts are well-versed in managing the image contents posted on various online platforms like websites, social media, forums, and communities.

Image Content Moderation Service
Removing Every Single Malicious Content

Removing Every Single Malicious Content

Available with flexible timings and active service, Cogito offers a highly effective content moderation service with customizing image content moderation service for all types of online portals. Our moderation team can easily identify the content in the image are suitable for the online community or not, and takes the right action to make it visible or hide from others with more than 98% accuracy.

Video Content Moderation Service

User-generated fake videos can damage the reputation of your company or harm the status of your personality. Deepfake videos, inappropriate content, explicit and suggestive contents are destroying the image of the individual personality or the company. Hence, removing such harmful videos from online platforms is the next best solution to keep online video streaming reliable.

Video Content Moderation Service
video moderation

Moderation for Live Streaming Videos

Not only the recorded videos uploaded on online platforms, but live streaming videos also need to be controlled and moderated for the online community. Cogito provides the video content moderation to detect and remove all types of videos having objectionable contents like abusive languages, violence, and bareness or exposing the taboo things banned in our society or not suitable to show publically.

Why Image & Video Moderation by Cogito?

Cogito having an enriching experience in social media content moderation service and moderated millions of contents with more than 98% accuracy and round-the-clock moderation service. Our image and video moderation service are available for all types of online portals and social networking sites with the ability to moderate the recorded as well as live streaming videos across the platforms.

Image Content Moderation
High Throughput Labeling

Quick & Right Action

Monitoring the each image and video uploaded online to take the timely action with right decision.

Stringent SLAs

Best Level of Accuracy

Ensuring the precision while moderating the image or video contents from various platforms.

Super Fast Turnaround

Cost-effective Pricing

Rendering a very cost-effective moderation service within the financial capability of our clients.

Real-time Annotation

Fully-customize Solution

Providing a fully-customize and personalize moderation solution for various business domains.

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